Los Roques Archipelago in Venezuela

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The Lesser Antilles enjoy of having a set of islands that make up the Archipelago of Los Roques, you consider the most beautiful waters in the world and that they are an attractive unique tourist in Venezuela.

Los Roques Archipelago in Venezuela – Travel – WebMediums

For the future of the archipelago the area was designated as a national park and of course it is protected from any exploitation, this in order to preserve its rich marine flora and fauna for which it is allowed to dive or investigate for scientific purposes.

The characteristics of your diving are the calm waters and various caverns which are practically hidden and although there are guides, it is not advisable to explore them if you are not an expert.

Of course, the Latin flavor is one of the excuses to visit Los Roques, it is impossible to tour the whole area in one day, but you can give yourself luxuries like eating in various restaurants, practicing various water sports and choosing any activity available and to your liking.

the idea of ​​visiting such a large territory is that you have options to choose from and at affordable prices, since tourism in Venezuela only seeks visitors but not scare them with high prices, as in other regions of the world. In addition, due to the economic crisis, they seek to recover financial stability.

Los Roques Archipelago in Venezuela – Travel – WebMediums

But what we like about tourism in Los Roques is that since you arrive you simply do not stop doing things, you can be in any activity in the ocean or enjoy their nightclubs, the only recommendation is to change enough money to the local currency to avoid inconveniences at the time of payment, for everything else, you just have to enjoy.

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Archipiélago Los Roques en Venezuela
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