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7 Museums you should know in the United States

Leopoldo Ágreda Lovera
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7 Museums you should know in the United States – Travel – WebMediums
American Museum of Natural History.

Traveling to the United States is one of the best experiences you can experience in your life; knowing a country full of natural places, cosmopolitan cities, and some of the most famous and interesting museums in the world.

In this installment, we will show you some of the most famous and curious museums that you can find traveling through this wonderful country, along with other famous and world-renowned museums.

Travel to the United States: get to know its most important museums

1. American Museum of Natural History, New York

7 Museums you should know in the United States – Travel – WebMediums
Mammal Hall, American Museum of Natural History.

The history of our planet and human groups has a privileged place in the American Museum of Natural History, thanks to its enormous collection of these subjects, which makes it one of the best and most complete museums of its kind in the world.

One of the most impressive exhibitions due to the beauty of the room, the exact reproduction of the habitat, and the precision with which the animals were dissected, which seem to be alive in the room; is the collection of mammalian animals ; which attracts millions of visitors a year.

Stones, minerals and meteorites also have a place of honor in this museum, being observed among these pieces: the heaviest meteorite on display, the star sapphire known as “Star of India”, or the beautiful “Patrician Emerald”.

However, the rooms that get the most reviews and positive opinions from this incredible visit are: the one with marine animals, where you will see a gigantic blue whale, and the room with the dinosaurs.

Visiting the dinosaur room on the top floor of the museum is one of the most pleasant experiences you can experience in any museum.

In this last room, you will appreciate the skeleton of the most impressive dinosaurs, along with information about them; being the most emblematic of all, the T-Rex.

2. Museum of Modern Art in New York

7 Museums you should know in the United States – Travel – WebMediums
Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Also known as MoMa or Museum of Modern Art, it is one of the must-see visits in New York if you feel a great passion for art.

Within its walls you will be able to observe some of the paintings that have changed the artistic history of the 20th century.

This building is a spacious complex that could take several hours to get to know, however, the most important paintings are located on the fourth and fifth floors ; place where you will appreciate Picasso, Dalí, Van Gogh, among others.

In this venue you will not only find conventional art, such as paintings or sculptures, but you will also appreciate the works of graphic designers, photographers, architects, and even video games.

The movie theater is another of the main attractions that you can visit in this wonderful museum, along with its famous restaurant that is recognized worldwide.

3. New Orleans Historical Voodoo Museum

7 Museums you should know in the United States – Travel – WebMediums
Facade of the New Orleans Historical Voodoo Museum.

This area of the United States is full of paranormal stories, with people who have knowledge of magic, and legends that go back several centuries.

For this reason, this museum is located in the city of New Orleans, to keep the memory of this part of its history.

Despite the fact that in the United States there seems to be no room for beliefs of this type; The truth is that New Orleans owes its influence in this type of practice to the period of African slavery.

The museum focuses on the practice of Voodoo in New Orleans, amalgamation between African, European and American, its followers being believers in God, but accepting the interception of spirits that confer power.

Within its walls you will be able to learn what the voodoo altars were like, the objects that were used to develop these practices, books, legends and famous people of the city who were recognized and feared for their powers.

The museum also organizes some excursions to the St. Louis cemetery, and offers its visitors a voodoo-related souvenir shop.

4. Poster Museum, Cincinnati

7 Museums you should know in the United States – Travel – WebMediums
Poster Museum, Cincinnati.

In the United States there is a belief that the history of the country and the world can be known through its posters; for this reason this museum was created, to exhibit the old posters that marked an era.

The museum displays a large collection of posters, which promoted products or places that no longer exist today, exhibiting them in an environment that is as close to their natural environment as possible.

The main room imitates the street of a busy American city, where you can see the neon signs, which used pharmacies, food stores, shoe stores, gas stations, bars, cinemas, among others.

5. Harley-Davidson Museum, Milwaukee

The loud sound of a Harley-Davidson and its iconic shape have made it one of the most precious objects for millions of people around the world.

Harley-Davidson has become more than a motorcycle brand, but also a lifestyle for a large number of people, and a culture that has a special place in Milwaukee.

This museum dedicated exclusively to these motorcycles is one of the essential visits in Milwaukee, which shows the evolution of the brand, and the most emblematic models.

In addition, it includes aspects about its manufacture, history and what Harley-Davidson means to many people.

It is interesting to attend the many events held by the museum, where you can share experiences, meet people with the same taste for the brand, or watch tricks and shows on Harley-Davidson.

6. Cable Car Museum, San Francisco

Every time we watch a movie set in San Francisco, or a postcard of this beautiful city, it is likely that a tram appears in the images.

The Cable Car Museum is in charge of the history of this emblematic transport, showing in turn, the true mechanism by which trams work.

It is an unmissable visit recommended by numerous tourists from the city of San Francisco.

7. Space Center Houston

The Houston Space Center is one of the most impressive space museums in the world, where you will learn about the past, present and future of space exploration in the United States.

Within the facilities of the Space Center Houston, you can see lunar modules, the stones that Louis Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin brought on their incredible trip to the moon, as well as various artifacts related to the Apollo voyages.

One of the best ways to tour the complex is through the NASA Tram Tour, which will take you through the most important places, such as the astronaut training site, or the operations room that directed Apollo 11, placing the first men on the moon

Similarly, during your visit to the Houston Space Center, you will learn about the space shuttles, entering exact replicas, knowing the details of their operation, history and the advances they brought.

Space travel news also has a special site at the Houston Space Center, for example, the SPACE X company has donated one of its rockets, which you can learn about by visiting this unique American museum.