Bologna in Italy

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Find history, culture and romanticism in the same city, it became a custom in Italy. It seems that cities like Bologna, surrounded by the river Reno and Savena, continue to become the main tourist and romantic attraction to spend a warm honeymoon, or a weekend for lovers.

Bologna in Italy – Travel – WebMediums

When you step the land of Bologna you find its historical passages, from the San Francisco church to the Two Towers you can see a panoramic view of what awaits to be visited, in addition the local government keeps in perfect conditions its tourist attractions that force thousands of people to visit them.

A little more to the center of the city we find the National Pinacoteca that is of great interest for its paintings and its corridors full of artistic history.

Bologna in Italy – Travel – WebMediums

Of course the variety of plans to choose is special, you can only look for a good hotel to stay or on the contrary a whole trip so as not to miss any details of Bologna.

Choose any option, the prices are cheap and adapt to any budget, especially for its gastronomic variety and free tickets to many of its cultural centers, which was thanks to the promotion of Italian tourism that tries to provoke in tourists a love for the culture and history of the country and Europe.

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Bolonia en Italia
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