Top 10 places to visit in England

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England is one of the countries that has many tourist and historical areas, as well as places from restaurants to places to go out to party or to go shopping.

If you still don't know what to do when you visit England, here we show you what are the 10 best experiences that can be done and that should not be missed. These include:


London is a tourist place, and one of the best ways to see this beautiful city is to get on the hop-on-hop-off river cruises, which are boats that travel on the river. These boats also leave from Westminster Pier and go down to Greenwich.

Pub culture is an important part of London, as these are the ideal places to see Londoners in their own way. Also, pubs have become the favorite places for families to enjoy a good lunch on the weekends.

Top 10 places to visit in England – Travel – WebMediums

The Tower of London is not only an architectural piece, but it shelters within it a diamond of an enormous size. Likewise, in this tower you can see a large collection of armor and weapons.


If you are looking for a typical English place, you have to visit the Cotswolds. Its pretty villages, its streams, its stone houses and its winding roads make the Cotswolds a perfect destination to enjoy within Great Britain.


Cornwall has one of the most impressive landscapes including its beautiful beaches. Among the beaches that Cornwall has, is the South West Coastal Path.

In addition, they should visit the coastal ruins where King Arthur's hometown was located, as well as the Monte de San Miguel, which can be seen when the tide of the South Coast rises and falls.


In Cambridge one of its main attractions is its university, as it is famous all over the world. Also, in the fall time and into early spring, you can take a stroll through The Backs and enjoy a great and wonderful view of Cambridge from the meadows in front of King's College Chapel.

Top 10 places to visit in England – Travel – WebMediums

Hadrian's Wall, Carlisle, England

Hadrian's wall is a wonderful place, which is due to its location and its dimensions. On the wall you can still find towers, old fortresses and some museums where you can learn all its history.


Stonehenge is one of the most mysterious and magical places to be found in the entire world. That is why this circular site is built on the basis of gigantic dolmens, so each one weighs approximately 40 tons, and also accumulates a great variety of legends in its surroundings over time.

Buckingham Palace

Top 10 places to visit in England – Travel – WebMediums

Buckingham Palace is one of the places that has hosted various historical moments that are part of London, and this is the official home of Queen Elizabeth II.

In front of the palace, the most famous Changing of the Guard in the world is praised, although despite the fact that many tourists gather most days it has become much more difficult to see them calmly.

Westminster Palace

Top 10 places to visit in England – Travel – WebMediums

In the Palace of Westminster is the well-known British Parliament and Big Ben, the great and famous Clock Tower, which has become the greatest icon of London with the passing of time. It is located on the bank of the Thames.