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What to see in Segovia?: The essential places to visit

Dilis Salazar
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What to see in Segovia?: The essential places to visit – Travel – WebMediums
What to see in Segovia

Traveling back in time and enjoying medieval times is one of the activities we can do if we travel to Segovia.

This authentic and appreciated city to the northwest of Madrid, is a unique tourist destination, which has among its attractions an imposing architectural settlement, which includes a castle, churches, and palaces.

All these works, embellished by Gothic and Romanesque art, covered by a beautiful landscape, which makes it even more desirable to visit. If you don't know where to start the tour, this travel guide will help you.

Essential places to see in Segovia

You will have to organize a good itinerary so as not to lose sight of any of the city's attractions. In this sense, we are going to list the most beautiful places, which deserve a mandatory stop.

The aqueduct of Segovia

What to see in Segovia?: The essential places to visit – Travel – WebMediums
The aqueduct is one of the things to see in Segovia

The aqueduct of Segovia is one of the places you must visit.

We are talking about an important work of Roman civil engineering, which was built at the beginning of the 2nd century.

For many, this work of engineering is the best of Segovia, and such a description is not for less. This encompasses the most representative symbol of the city, in an impressive Roman construction of about 800 meters in length.

It is a 15 kilometer route, on a surface supported by 167 arches, about 28 meters high, based on about 25 thousand stones.

It is one of the best preserved works of Roman origin in the region, and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

As an important fact, it is worth mentioning that until recently this aqueduct brought water from the Fuenfría spring, which is located about 17 kilometers from Segovia.

The quarterdeck

The walk continues, and I hope you give up the time so you don't miss anything. In the travel itinerary, we must name El Alcázar, this is a work located at the confluence of the Clamores and Eresma rivers, on a column.

I know we told you that the Aqueduct is the best thing to see in Segovia, but we cannot fail to mention that this would be the second most popular aqueduct in the city.

It is considered as a famous palace that has Roman and Moorish origins, with a slightly Renaissance appearance.

To understand the history of the city, you must take a tour of the Alcazar, only then will you know the way of life of the kings and rulers. In its infrastructure you will appreciate the Throne Room, and the Kings Room.

San Marcos Prairie Viewpoint

What to see in Segovia?: The essential places to visit – Travel – WebMediums
San Marcos Prairie Viewpoint

One of the best viewpoints to see in Segovia. This shows us the best views of the city.

You find it going down the stairs of Pozo de Nieve street, which is on a hill where the Alcázar is located. You will go towards the banks of the river Eresma, you will have to cross the bridge, and a few meters you will arrive at the Mirador de la Pradera de San Marcos.

This is another of the points to visit in Segovia, and it is one of the most complete views of the city, which gives us a beautiful natural environment.

It is designed in the form of a park, with a small church of San Marcos and a small snack shop, where you can sit and watch the sunset in the most magical way possible.

Medina del Campo Square

This is another of the most important squares in Segovia. It is one of the favorite squares for tourists, which is surrounded by important historical buildings, such as the beautiful church of San Martín.

It is a square of Mozarabic origin and Romanesque style, the Torreón de Lozoya and several mansions with a Renaissance approach, which are part of the works of the 16th century.

Between the square you can see the cathedral, and other interesting places such as restaurants, and souvenir shops. You can not stop tasting a delicious suckling pig that you will find in every corner.

San Andres Gate

This is another of the most beautiful attractions to see in Segovia. It is one of the medieval-style works, reaching 9 meters in height, structured with three 9-meter-high doors.

There is the door of Santiago, the one of San Cebrián, and the one of San Andrés; the latter is one of the best preserved. It is also a square tower and another polygonal.

Cathedral of Segovia

Another of the most interesting places to see in the city is the Cathedral. This looks imposing, raised after an old gothic style.

It is one of the best preserved Gothic cathedrals in all of Europe, where you can see beautiful corridors and chapels, decorated with beautiful paintings, sculptures, and sarcographs.

Cascales Palace

The Cascales Palace is a Mudejar-style structure dating from the last third of the 15th century. It is a very beautiful palace, with a porticoed interior patio, covered with colorful glassware. You can come and meet him, since his entrance is free.

Church of San Martin

The church of San Martín is a primitive church from the 12th century. It is one of the most emblematic places of the Segovians.

It is a Mozarabic style temple, with significant Romanesque influences as part of the porticoed gallery arches. It is a structure that stands out for its beautiful bell tower, in Romanesque-Mudejar art.

Main Square

What to see in Segovia?: The essential places to visit – Travel – WebMediums
San Andres Square

The main square is another of the meeting places for Segovians. For many, it is a perfect place to share and do social activities.

It is close to the city hall, and it was the place where Isabel the Catholic was proclaimed queen of Castile in 1474.

In the surroundings you can see shops, bars, and terraces, to taste a delicious suckling pig from the area. Nearby is also the Teatro Juan Bravo, the city's main stage for performing arts.

Jewish quarter and old town

The Jewish quarter and the historic center of Segovia can be seen through beautiful alleys, which, narrow and twisted, open the way for walkers who want to discover the essence of the city.

The most popular streets are Calle Real de Segovia, and Calle de Cervantes. In this area are the churches of San Martín, and the church of San Juan de los Caballeros.

You will also be able to appreciate a large part of the Jewish heritage in the Jewish Quarter Interpretation Center, located in the former house of Abraham Seneor.

What to see in Segovia and surroundings

Luckily, you can also visit some corners in the surroundings of Segovia, among the most interesting nearby towns, are the following:

  • Pedraza: It is one hour from the city of Segovia, considered one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Castile.

  • El Escorial: It is one of the surrounding monuments, which you can visit in the surroundings of Segovia. It is a medieval complex that has a pantheon, a basilica, and a school.