What to see or do in Cologne in Germany?

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Cologne is the second most important commercial port and also the fourth most populated city in Germany. It is one of the benchmarks of culture, having at its disposal more than 30 museums and hundreds of galleries. It is the place where the oldest and largest university in all of Europe resides.

The Cologne Cathedral is not a simple Catholic temple since this structure is seen as one of the greatest jewels of European Gothic art, and is in turn a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO.

What to see or do in Cologne in Germany? – Travel – WebMediums

One of the peculiarities of this cathedral is its construction, which took at least 600 years to complete, from 1248 to 1880. Despite the extensive period of this architectural project, each of its builders regardless of the century they were in was faithful to the original plans.

During the Second World War the cathedral was destroyed by bombing and despite this it was built again without altering any detail of the original.

Chocolate Museum, in addition to being related to chocolate, its structure is adapted to its environment and has the shape of a ship. In this museum you will not only eat chocolate, but you will also be able to relate more closely with the history of this delicacy, passing through the American cultivation cultures as well as the European ones.

Cologne has its good reserves of green areas that serve as a natural lung for the city and Rheinpark is precisely that park that meets all the necessary requirements.

What to see or do in Cologne in Germany? – Travel – WebMediums

Rheinpark has the option of walking through this large park, and you can even stretch out in the wide green areas that are there for it. Remember that you have the availability to take the cable car that will allow you to have the best view of the entire city.

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