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The 10 films that are competing for the 'Oscar Fan Favorite'

Luis Rafael
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The 10 films that are competing for the 'Oscar Fan Favorite'
The 10 films that are competing for the 'Oscar Fan Favorite'

The 2022 Oscar Awards ceremony is already a few weeks away from its broadcast and the directors of the event have already presented the nominated films. One of the most controversial awards of the gala is about the ' Oscar Fan Favorite', the award given to the film with the most votes by fans.

Recently, the official Instagram account of the American Film Academy announced the poster of the 10 most voted films by the public that aspire to win the Oscar. Among the most 'Suicide Squad' and the new film by James Wan 'Malignant'.

The 10 films most voted by the public in the 'Oscar Awards 2022'

Next, we are going to announce the films most voted by the public that are fighting to obtain the ' Oscar Fan Favorite ' award at the ' Oscar Awards 2022'.

10. 'Sing 2'

The new animated film directed and written by 'Garth Jennings' has been one of the most successful animated feature films this year. The film is of the musical genre and has an exceptional cast in voice dubbing led by 'Scarlett Johansson', 'Pharell Williams' and 'Reese Witherspoon'.

'Sing' is a film that follows the life of Buster Moon, a visionary koala who recruits an excellent cast of talented animals for a talent show where the animals sing and perform extravagant choreography.

Moon's goal is to put on the most relevant show in the entertainment capital of the world. But to do so, he's going to have to convince the loneliest rock star of them all to join his talent show.

9. 'Cinderella (2021)'

The new movie starring the singer 'Camila Cabello' has managed to get a place in this year's ' Oscar Fan Favorite'.

This new version of 'Cinderella' is a new musical adaptation of the classic story, with Kay Cannon directing alongside Charles Perrault.

It chronicles the life of a teenage girl who is constantly abused by her stepmother and her two stepsisters who do any number of silly things to make her upset and cause her extra work. True to her story, Cinderella manages to make it to a royal ball where she meets the prince and they both fall in love.

8. 'Dune'

The film ' Dune' had its debut in October 2021 based on a fiction created by Denis Villeneuve. The story is set on Arrakis, which has become the most important planet in the entire galaxy, over time the inhabitants of other planets formed a rebellion.

The objective of the rebellion is to wage a war around Arrakis in order to conquer all of its territory and stay in power on its world. It is a perfect time to attack and start a war, since Arrakis has become a desert place due to the exploitation of its reserves.

7. 'Army of the Dead'

'Army of the Dead' is a film directed by Zack Snyder, a project that managed to achieve a collection of 1 million dollars in less than 5 months from its debut.

The film opens with the most controversial zombie outbreak of all, which placed everyone in the region under quarantine.

While all this is happening, the most eminent group of mercenaries in the world plans its new strategy to continue with the biggest heist in the history of the city of sin. The mercenaries will have to position themselves inside the quarantine zone to complete their mission.

6. 'The Suicide Squad'

The most recent film by James Gunn has been one of the most famous titles among the directors of the 2022 Oscar Awards. The story of the film tells the life of a group of supervillains and vigilantes who are locked up in the worst prisons in the United States with a high probability of dying.

The only way to get out of there will be by joining the 'Task Force X' squad led by Amanda Waller, whose objective is to carry out a mission for the high command of the US government. Throughout each mission things get more complicated, and they will have to go to the island 'Corto Maltese' full of enemies.

5. 'The Minamata Photographer'

This is one of the most successful historical movies of 2021, directed by Andrew Levitas and produced by Johnny Depp and Andrew Levitas. The story is set in 1971 and recounts the life of a photographer named W. Eugene Smith, recognized for his excellent work after the Second World War.

The protagonist exhausted and fed up with American society decides to undertake a new trip to Japan to record a documentary about the poisoning of the population due to mercury.

4. 'The power of the dog'

' The power of the dog ' is a film created by the Film Commission, BBC Films and New Zealand, and was directed by Jane Campion. The plot narrates the life of two wealthy brothers named Phil and George Burbank, both are totally opposite and have different principles.

Brother George decides to secretly marry a widowed lady who lives in his town, as soon as Phil found out he decided to start a cold war using his son as his main pawn.

3. 'Malignant'

' Malignant ' is the first horror movie that has managed to compete for an award at the Oscars this year. The story takes a closer look at the life of Madison, a girl who suffers from sleep paralysis every night and is terrified by constant visions of murder.

That's just the tip of the iceberg, the real terror in Madison's life will begin when she learns that her visions are terrifying realities happening in real time.

2. 'Spider-Man No Way Home'

Without a doubt, this has been the highest grossing film of 2021, the film directed by Sam Raimi and produced by Sony and Marvel Studios has managed to obtain 2 nominations at the 2022 Oscar Awards.

Peter Parker's identity was revealed and this caused many problems in his personal life, so he decides to go with Doctor Strange to help him cast a spell so that everyone will forget his identity. This causes the opening of an interdimensional portal bringing terrible villains into his universe.

1. 'Tick, tick... Boom!'

The film ' Tick, tick... Boom! ' has become the most voted ' Oscar Fan Favorite ' movie, based on a musical directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda and starring Andrew Garfield.

The story tells the life of Jon, a young man who aspires to become the best composer of literary works. However, he has pursued his dream for several years and is currently 30 years old, this is beginning to cause him insecurities and uncertainty about his life goal.