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The best streaming series and movies arriving this week

Luis Rafael
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Film productions have become the largest source of entertainment in recent years.

The best streaming series and movies arriving this week – TV Series
The best streaming series and movies arriving this week.

Streaming platforms are dominating the entertainment industry. Therefore, this week great series and movies will debut on ' Prime Video ', ' HBO Max ', ' Filmin ' and ' Movistar + '.

Therefore, in this section we will offer the most relevant details about the premieres of new productions that will debut in the coming days. Among the films and series that arrive on the platforms, the following stand out: 'The summer in which I fell in love', 'Paradise: Season 2' and 'The parents of the bride'.

The 12 most anticipated productions of 'Prime Video', 'HBO Max', 'Filmin' and 'Movistar+' this week

Next, we present the best series and movies from the ' Prime Video', 'HBO Max', 'Filmin' and 'Movistar+' platforms that premiere from June 13 to 19, 2022.

1. 'The summer I fell in love'

This is the title of the new drama and comedy series that will hit the Prime Video platform in the coming days. The production was created by the American screenwriter 'Jenny Han' and the cast is made up of 'Lola Tung', 'Jackie Chung' and 'Rachel Blanchard'.

1. ‘El verano en el que me enamoré’

The story is inspired by the 'Jenny Han' novel of the same name, which follows the personal life of a teenage girl named 'Belly'. The girl claims that the happiest and most exciting moments of her life happen every summer. All the good times of your life and the most unforgettable experiences happen between July and August.

Throughout each episode, the protagonist will begin to recount the experiences she has had during each summer, including trips, new friendships and lost loves. In his first summer he will meet 'Jeremiah' and 'Conrad', two boys who will be very special in the emotional life 'Belly'

The premiere of ' The summer I fell in love ' is scheduled for June 17, 2022 through Prime Video.

2. 'The world is yours'

' The world is yours ' is the new Spanish comedy film that has caused a stir among its followers, after its recent theatrical release. The production was written and directed by the Spanish showrunner 'Alfonso Sánchez', the cast is headed by 'Alberto López', 'Alfonso Sánchez' and 'Teresa Arbolí'.

The story tells the life of 'Rafi', a young man who does everything possible to get ahead and be someone in life. Although he has lived a life full of difficulties and inconvenience, one day his life begins to change for the better. A colleague gives you the opportunity to promote your business in high society. 2. 'The world is yours'

2. ‘El mundo es vuestro’

'Rafi' begins to work and earn his own place among the aristocrats, but things are not as he thought and he will have to adapt to the changes. With the passing of time, the protagonist will find out that in his work environment the future of the country is being decided and that everything is more relevant than he thought.

The new film will be making its debut on the " Prime Video " portal on June 17, 2022.

3. 'My fake boyfriend'

This is the new romantic comedy movie that promises to be one of the most successful proposals on Prime Video. The film was written and created by screenwriter 'Luke Albright' and 'Joe Wanjai Ross', with the performances of 'Keiynan Lonsdale', 'Dylan Sprouse' and 'Sarah Hyland' in the official cast.

3. ‘My fake boyfriend’

The plot narrates the life of 'Andrew', a young man who is experiencing problems with his ex-boyfriend and in his social environment.

Consequently, his friends decide to find a way to help him overcome his emotional dependency problem. To do this, they decide to create a fictitious online boyfriend for Andrew, whose name is 'Cristiano'

The protagonist's life begins to improve and over time the fake boyfriend became a trend in social networks. After a series of events, 'Andrew' meets 'Rafi', the owner of a restaurant and promises to be the love of his life. However, now he will have to make a crucial decision in his life.

The premiere of " My fake boyfriend " is scheduled for June 15, 2022.

4. 'Paradise: Season 2'

The series ' Paraiso ' has become one of the most viewed new productions on streaming, with 250 million hours of playback in its first installment.

The series was created by 'Fernando González Molina', 'Ruth García' and 'David Oliva'. The cast is starred by 'Pau Gimeno', 'Macarena García' and 'Iñaki Ardanaz'.

4. ‘Paraiso: Temporada 2’

The story is set in 1992 and tells the story of 3 15-year-old Spanish girls who were disappeared in a Levante nightclub.

There is little evidence about the case and the police are taking charge of the investigation, the young women left few clues and apparently the officers are following the wrong path.

Therefore, the brother of one of the disappeared 'Javi', decides to carry out a parallel investigation together with his friends. After a series of anomalies and events, they will discover who was responsible for the disappearance. The problem is that the hijackers belong to a parallel world.

' Paraiso ' will be presenting the new episodes of the second season from June 16, 2022 through Movistar +.

5. 'Trigger Point'

' Trigger Point ' is the title of the new suspense and thriller production that has caught the attention of 200,000 streaming users. The series was written and directed by British showrunner 'Daniel Brierley'. The cast is headed by 'Vicky McClure', 'Adrian Lester' and 'Cal MacAninch' in the first season.

5. ‘Trigger Point’

The story unravels the life of 'Lana Washington', a government agent who specializes in bomb disposal and strategic work. The woman has more than 10 years of experience in the area, but one afternoon an accident occurs during an operation that ended in a terrible tragedy.

From that moment on, the woman begins to have consequences and begins to suffer psychological problems during her high-risk jobs. Some time later he will begin to work together with his ex-partner 'Joel Nutkins', both will be in charge of a new reckless organization specialized in investigation.

The first season of " Trigger Point " was scheduled for June 13, 2022 on the Movistar+ content portal.

6. 'Years of drought'

This is a crime drama and suspense film that has one of the best cinematographic formats of the moment. The film was created by the American director 'Robert Connolly' and features the performances of 'Eric Bana', 'Genevieve O'Reilly' and 'Keir O'Donnell'.

6. ‘Años de sequía’

The plot follows a federal agent named 'Aaron Falk', who makes the decision to return to his town, after a long absence, to attend the funeral of his close friend 'Luke'. It is worth mentioning that the deceased was accused of murdering his son and wife just before committing suicide.

The authorities affirm that 'Luke' was the victim of a madness caused by the drought that has lasted for more than 2 decades. Agent Falk decides to stay in the community to solve the case, where he will discover that it is interconnected with a homicide of an old friend 'Ellie Deacon'.

'Years of drought' will mark its streaming debut on June 18, 2022 through the Movistar + platform.

7. 'Super... Who?'

' Super... Who? ' is the title of the new French production that is inspired by an action and comedy story. The film was created and directed by the French screenwriter 'Philippe Lacheau', with the performances of 'Philippe Lacheau', 'Julien Arruti' and 'Tarek Boudali' as protagonists of the cast.

7. ‘Súper... ¿Quién?’

The story follows the life of 'Cedric', a boy who has always wanted to make a living as a movie actor and become a superstar. However, things always get complicated for him and neither his family nor his friends believe that he has the talent for this profession. But his life changes after receiving the role of 'Badman'.

'Cedric' states that this is an excellent opportunity to change his luck and receive the respect of his family. Consequently, he began to shoot the film starring the superhero, but one day he had an unforeseen event and had a traffic accident with his suit on. After a while he wakes up with amnesia and begins to believe that he has powers.

The premiere of the Movistar+ original film ' Super... Who? ' is scheduled for June 15, 2022.

8. 'Father of the Bride'

' The father of the bride ' is the new promise of HBO Max that has increased the hype of the platform to 15% since the publication of the trailer. It is a romantic comedy film directed by 'Gaz Alazraki' and features the performances of 'Andy García', 'Gloria Estefan' and 'Adria Arjona'.

8. ‘El padre de la novia’

It tells the story of a married couple 'Billy' and 'Ingrid', who live their lives alone in Miami since their daughter moved to start working. However, one day they receive an unexpected visit from their daughter 'Sofia' who arrived with her boyfriend 'Adam' and they inform the parents that they are getting married and moving to Mexico.

The news shocked Billy and Ingrid, who are at the worst stage of their relationship and are about to get divorced. But, they both make the decision to avoid telling their 'Sofia' and keep the secret for a few months.

" Father of the Bride " will be available on HBO Max starting June 16, 2022.

9. 'The Minister'

This is the new Icelandic original series from the company 'Filmin', inspired by a story of drama and politics. The production was created and written by 'Björg Magnúsdóttir' and 'Jónas Margeir Ingólfsson'. The cast is made up of 'Ólafur Darri Ólafsson', 'Anita Briem' and 'Þuríður Blær Jóhannsdóttir'.

9. ‘The Minister’

Follow the story of 'Benedikt Ríkarosson', the new 'Iceland's Pimre Minister' who finds himself in a constant battle with his mind. The protagonist begins to have the job of his dreams and affirms that things cannot be better. However, the charge begins to affect his mental health.

'Benedikt' will begin to distort between his thoughts and reality, seriously affecting the relations of the nation and its environment. For this reason, his comrades and close beings will keep that detail as a secret so that he can continue ruling.

The premiere of the first season of ' The Minister ' will arrive from June 19, 2022.

10. 'The Balcony Movie'

The movie ' The Balcony Movie ' is about a new documentary that talks about people's problems. The Polish production was created and directed by showrunner 'Pawel Lozinski'.

10. ‘La película del balcón’

In this documentary we will observe the most interesting conversations of the director of the film 'Pawel Lozinski' with unknown people who pass through the streets of Warsaw, Poland. The documentary has a format in which they present us with different stories and anthological stories.

In each of the conversations 'Pawel' emphasizes how each person tries to face their problems as individuals, including all the extremes to which we submit every day.

The documentary " The Balcony Movie " will premiere on the HBO Max platform on June 19, 2022.

11. 'A little plan... like saving the planet'

It is a film that has caught the attention of Filmin users after the announcement of its recent official trailer. The production was created and directed by 'Louis Garrel' and the cast includes the performances of 'Louis Garrel' and 'Jean-Claude Carrière' as the main protagonists.

11. ‘Un pequeño plan... como salvar el planeta’

The plot reveals the life of a married couple 'Abel' and 'Marianne', who have a stable life with their 13-year-old son. One afternoon everything will change for 'Abel', when he finds out that valuables are beginning to be lost in his house. Parents begin to suspect that their son is responsible.

Therefore, both decide to set him up to discover some of his thefts and ended up discovering the boy. The young man was looking to sell the objects quickly for a rather peculiar objective: the financing of an ecological project in Africa that would save the world.

The premiere of ' A small plan... how to save the planet ' will arrive on June 17 on the Filmin platform.

12. 'The Duke'

The film ' El Duque ' is one of the most anticipated streaming productions of this month, after its successful teaser that obtained a score of 90% on 'Rotten Tomatoes'. Created and written by the American screenwriter 'Roger Michell', starring 'Jim Broadbent', 'Helen Mirren' and 'Fionn Whitehead'.

12. ‘El Duque’

The story is set in 1961, recounts the life of 'Kempton Bunton', a 60-year-old taxi driver who had the audacity to steal the portrait of 'The Duke of Wellington', which was painted by 'Francisco de Goya'. The portrait was part of a famous mural in the prestigious gallery 'National Gallery' in London.

To date this has been the first and only robbery that has been carried out in the maximum security art gallery. 'Kempton Bunton' came forward weeks after the robbery to send ransom notes, saying he was willing to return the work if the government began to engage more with the elderly.

The new Movistar+ biographical production will hit the small screen from June 17, 2022.