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The new multimedia content programmed by the Paramount + streaming platform

Luis Rafael
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Releases for the month of October.

The streaming content platform CBS All Access changes its name to Paramount +, as the Paramount brand is better known and more interesting to crowds outside the United States than CBS, so it could help produce more memberships despite a shipment. World.

This new project has been a great success and has had many subscriptions.

At the moment, the organization has not provided data on the records or the costs of the different packages of the aid, although it is normal that the costs are like those of CBS All Access. Nor has it offered more information on the image quality it will offer.

New Paramount + Digital Content for October

In October the streaming platform Paramount + will release new digital content.

Unscripted TV dramas like Río Shore and Siendo Pampita, must-see series like Second Era Star Trek: Lower Decks, and films with scholarship-winning animators.

October is a month of unscripted television dramas with the appearance of Rio Shore, which continues with the famous Shore establishment on MTV, and Siendo Pampita.

The new multimedia content programmed by the Paramount + streaming platform
Paramount + logo

The long-awaited unscripted television drama about the existence of the Argentine model, which shows the day to day of her pregnancy.

In addition, another diva joins the network of substances: Madonna with her narrative film Madame X, which shows the background of one of her most notorious shows.

As usual, amazing movies and series keep coming to Paramount + ; Star Trek's second epoch Lower Decks, Scott Eastwood's spinal activity chiller Overdrive, and the captivating crime thriller starring Oscar nominee Liam Neeson, Legitimate Thief.

Movies and series that Paramount + has prepared for this new month

Legitimate Thief : Hoping to breathe a break, a skilled thief agrees to return all cash taken in exchange for a reduced sentence; However, when two FBI specialists wrongly blame him for murder, he must escape, clear his name, and confront them.

Featuring prestigious Liam Neeson (Taken), model and entertainer Kate Walsh (Grey's Anatomy) and entertainer Jai Courtney (Terminator Genesis).

Overdrive — A famous kingpin empowers two amazing vehicle thugs to grab a vehicle and take their chance.

Together with two wonderful ladies, the group has several weeks to carry out the challenging heist, or they risk losing everything, including their lives. With Scott Eastwood (Pacific Rim: Uprising), Ana de Armas (Blade Runner 2049) and Gaia Weiss (Vikings).

Star Trek Lower Decks — Season 2: The second epoch of Star Trek: Lower Decks is bigger, more entertaining, and Star Trek than any other epoch in recent memory.

Fans can expect new and strange outsiders to challenge the USS Cerritos and USS Titan groups. For Mariner, Tendi, Rutherford and Boimler.

The animated experience has only just begun. With the creation of showrunners Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek: Into Darkness), Mike McMahan (Solar Opposites) and the cast consisting of Jack Quaid (The Boys), Noël Wells (Saturday Night Live) and Jerry O'Connell (Crossing Jordan).

Madame X: Shot in Lisbon, Portugal, the film captures the excellent and energetic exhibition of the visit of the symbol of pop Madonna.

This streaming movie is a rare and private experience that will take viewers on an excursion as compelling and difficult as Madonna's intrepid character.

The new multimedia content programmed by the Paramount + streaming platform
Image of Madame X

Madame X, a spy who ventures into the farthest corners of the planet, changes characters, fights for opportunity and brings light to the most boring places. Coordinated by Nuno Xico.

Being Pampita: An unscripted television drama about the expert and individual existence of the notable Argentine star "Pampita", Carolina Ardohain. Created by Roberto García Moritán, Pampita's partner, who is also essential for unscripted television drama with the animator, host and model.

Charming series

Blameworthy Party — starring Beckinsale as Beth Baker, an embarrassed and frantic writer to save her profession who hooks on the story of a young mother sentenced to life in prison for raping and killing her partner, violations that she claims not to committed.

Trying to uncover reality, Beth ends up shipwrecked as she grapples with Colorado firearms dealers, deceptive content culture, marital impasse, and her own boring past. With Kate Beckinsale (Underworld) and Geoff Stults (The Finder).

Series to enjoy with the whole family

Club 57 — Season 2 : Brothers Eva and Rubén inadvertently turn the clock back to 1957.

Eva goes crazy for JJ and chooses to stay, but her choice triggers a butterfly impact that transforms everyone.

With the participation of the notable Venezuelan entertainer and artist Evaluna Montaner and the Colombian entertainer, artist and youtuber Sebastián Silva.

Santiago de los Mares: is a series of intuitive activities for preschool children.

Follow Santiago Montes, an 8-year-old island boy who discovers the supernatural compass of the incredible Captain Calavera, the great privateer of the great oceans.

With the compass at hand and the help of his beloved companions, Cousin Tomás, the mermaid Lorelai and his pet the frog Kiko, Santiago attempts brave missions in Calavera's corsair transport, El Bravo.

The new multimedia content programmed by the Paramount + streaming platform
Santiago de los Mares

However, not everything works out! Santiago must outwit and overcome the damned reprobates who occupy this exciting modern lifestyle. Produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studios and directed by Niki López, Leslie Valdés and Valerie Walsh Valdés.

Drama Club: In this new series called "Drama Club" we will see a mockumentary-style comedy about the inner workings of a high school drama club.

Produced by Nickelodeon Productions in March of this year, this series currently has 10 episodes. The cast includes Chase Vacnin, Kensington Tallman, Telci Huynh, and Nathan Janak.