There is good news for alien lovers

The next Disney series

Grecia De Flores
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This is one of the most expected news for Alien Saga fans, which has been considered throughout the cinema as an unexpected and surprising cult film for the end of the decade of the 70.

During the time, the events of the space race and the discoveries that came with respect to the Milky Way, along with the Drama of Terror, was the inspiration for this saga.

Quickly winning many fans and creating in itself, a new gender; This saga created spatial terror as part of the collective imagination.

There is good news for alien lovers – TV Series – WebMediums

The saga will have a TV series

This story has extended and treated the Argumental Hosos in the Comic; This is due to the changes of direction to which they were emerging with the development of the plot.

This is how Disney announced the extended universe of Alien, as a series that although it still has no release date.

And is that if you saw the film of Alien Covenant in 2017, for many of them was a repudiation, since I told the events before alien “The eighth passenger”.

This story, plus the history of xenomorphs and its possible origin, has left different citrus fruits.

Expectations are around the new alien series

For the public of black bones that has followed the alien saga “The eighth passenger”, the franchise culminates with scripts Dan or 'Bannon and Ronal Shusett, who gave way to the fascinating history of the alien creature.

For many, alien from the Director Ridley Scott is unsurpassed; And for others, this saga culminates in its third installment, because the fourth, although it brings Ellen Ripley again, was not as acclaimed as the previous ones.

Now it comes into questioning if again will bring to the big screen to the unforgettable and warrior Ripley, generating many doubts about how the story will be directed.

It is possible that the story is closer to us in a future land

For the little information that Disney has revealed, so far you can think that will be set at approximately 2040, being a starting foot to explain events 50 years before, than they were observed in the First spin off of “Prometheus”.

Leaving an enigmatic threshold within this story of what can happen, it is thought to have the appearance of the person Peter Weylan.

Following Alien's story, this is a character born in 1990 and works as an entrepreneur and inventor of British origin, which is estimated that in Prometheuso was almost 100 years old because this is Film is handled in the year 2039 respectively.

In this new story you can think that this character can be a villain or hero, leaving it to the imagination of the fans and followers of Alien “The eighth passenger”.

Many followers of the Saga are already beginning to investigate, or ask questions, or conclusions of how the series will be oriented and what will be the plot.

For now there is only the new news and possible advances that Disney offers for this new Alien history.