“Squid game”: Know all the details about the most popular Korean series of Netflix

Grecia De Flores
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The squid game, it is one of Netflix's new K dramas, which is being earned with each visualization more popularity within the most important streaming platform of this moment. The verdict of many spectators is that apparently, we love to see how to see how people massacre for doing something wrong within a children's play.

The series does not tell the story of a man who has been named Gi-Hun, which he tries without any kind of success, being able to get out of the financial ruin in which he looks immersed. However, thanks to an annoying addiction to the game, this man fails to leave the economic bump. One day he meets a recruiter, which he is dressed as a businessman, who explains that he knows a much more dynamic way to earn fast money and wanted to know if he was interested in it.

“Squid game”: Know all the details about the most popular Korean series of Netflix

This will lead us to witness the Game of Squid, where 456 participants will be willing to participate within a series of children's games, with the only promise to receive a payment of 38 million dollars. However, the only problem of all this great wonder is that if you lose during the game you die. Although small this detail, it is quite painful that it is played at all or nothing; This for not delving even more within its end.

The squid game has become one of the most successful incursions that have passed through Netflix regarding Korean dramas, and that is also thanks to the great deal that is within the series, to which we can see as a great mix Among the most famous legends of South Korean cinema, as well as some newcomers who have exploited the screen with hundreds of excellent performances.

Lee Jung-Jae is Gi-Hun

For the main role, executives were looking for an important man, for which he was not the exception given that Jung-Jae's career began to take off at the end of the 90s and since then he has not stopped. Being also a basic character within cinema and Korean television, it is known by all for its roles within The Face Reader and Assassination, although there are other great fans of Thrillers who will also be known for successes as The Housemaid Projected in 2010.

Park Hae-Soo is Sang-woo

Sang-woo, is one of the best success stories, which in turn became a great financial failure. This character has been interpreted for nothing more and nothing less than Park Hae-Soo, who has already been dazzling within the Korean cinematographic panorama, but for a while for the race of him has exploded positively. He began at the Musical Theater in the 2000s and the recent interpretations of him within projects such as the Korean drama Prison Playbook, has helped that he's fame grow over time.

Anupam Tripathi is Ali

Known for many as “Sweet Ali” This is a good man inside a great storm. This kind man came to Korea through Pakistan and will be interpreting the noble Indian Actor Anupam Tripathi, who is an unknown actor, but very good about him's abilities. The previous previous roles we can only see them in secondary characters in two special papers in 2021-taxi driver and also space sweeper.

Oh Yeong-her is Il-Nam

The interpretation of Il-Nam, who comes from Oh Yeong-his has begun to suggest a turn inside in his career, since at 76 years old, oh is one of the most career in the main cast, but his Credits as actor, have become something a little more select, since among them we can see to Little Monk(2003) and spring, summer, autumn, winter... and spring (2003).

Jung Ho-Yeon is Sae-Byeok

One of the most controversial characters Sae-Byeok, who is played by Jung Ho-Yeon. The series, the squid game, is one of Jung Ho-Yeon's first incursions within the world of performance, but that does not mean that it is its first time within the scene, since since 2013, Ho -Yeon has been in the whole eye of the media hurricane, thank you became the second place inside the korea's Next Top Model, thus getting gigantic campaigns that were fruitful until the end of the years 2010