From the apocalypse to paradise in a second.

José Miguel Fernández Nápoles
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The morning was cold and rain was threatening, and he was lying on the sidewalk like a bundle, a waste that unconsciousness throws on the city streets and makes them dirty and smelly at noon.

From the apocalypse to paradise in a second. – WebMediums English

Around her neck was a scrawled piece of cardboard that said something: a misspelled plea, a plea in capital letters, as if it were louder and someone could hear it. His eyes lost on the ground as if he wanted to accurately count the pebbles and cracks, or perhaps as if he were looking for an explanation turned up in the asphalt to the suffering of his soul.

I was walking down the same sidewalk that morning, accompanied by a raucous marching band, performing the symphony of worries:

That if the volume of purchases of my clients is lowering, that if last month's royalties were the lowest of the semester, what will happen to my best friend, who has not clicked on my writings for a week, that if conflicts in Venezuela and Ukraine, traffic accidents are on the rise, my children hardly call me...

From the apocalypse to paradise in a second. – WebMediums English
Navels of the world.
Then I suddenly saw him and not ten megatons of pity exploded but a ray of goodness in my heart, I was not struck down by grief, but human solidarity touched me slightly, sadness or grief did not crush me, but I knew it was The opportunity that El Universo gave me to do something.

I put a coin in his cardboard container and a hand on his shoulder, and then he looked up like they were a ton of rubble. And I swear that it was not the words but the love with which they came out, which did the miracle:

— Spring is coming, I told him. And suddenly the street was different with its smile, and the people who passed by looked surprised, and my city for a second was more human, more real, I was closer to that Source that we love so much.