Insects flitting in the streetlights

José Miguel Fernández Nápoles
3 min read
Insects flitting in the streetlights – WebMediums English – WebMediums
We are insects hovering in the streetlights

We look like a swarm of insects fluttering in the street lamps and scorching their wings, trying to find a little light.

— I'm looking for someone to love me!

I have not found anyone in my life who is the way I want, and the worst thing is that every time I lose more and more hope that that person exists, unless they get closer to whom I have dreamed of and, much less, in case of that existed, I could come across her.

  • And what would that person have to be like? It seems to ask us the mystery.

  • Cheerful and simple, loving and tolerant, firm and at the same time educated, kind and harmonious, consistent and another long list of demanding adjectives.

Insects flitting in the streetlights – WebMediums English – WebMediums
Endless search.
  • Very well. In case that person you draw exists, and you bump into her one fine day, have you thought about whom she would be looking for?

  • Well, I imagine that someone similar to that which is itself.

  • Perfect. Do you think you are a good candidate for their search?

  • (mmm…)

If there were someone mysterious, with the magical power to constantly draw around you the shape of the present moment, someone with a power of such magnitude that is capable of linking what is most convenient for each of the billions of human beings, in their daily situations, in your interpersonal relationships, do you think that "Someone" would leave a loose end, something to chance?
  • If you were absolutely certain that you have never made the slightest mistake in your entire life, would you feel any guilt about something?

  • If I have committed them, man yes!

  • What if what you call mistakes have only been opportunities that have co-created, together with a superior intelligence, those involved in that situation?

  • No! They were mistakes. That is impossible, it is a utopia.

  • Let's suppose you ever missed a blow with your ax, while chipping a piece of wood, so you could get warm. You injured your leg with the edge of the ax and felt severe pain.

  • Won't you tell me it's not a mistake?

  • Let's think like this: After that event, the next time you took the ax, do you think you would do it the same way as before?

  • I guess I would take it more carefully.

Boring would be the life of someone who does not have to discover anything. Don't you think?

  • No! They were mistakes.