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How to learn English virtually

Jockharber E
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How to learn English virtually – What is it – WebMediums
Online courses to learn English

Learning in the best online English courses will be very beneficial, since it will mean a lot to be able to acquire another new skill, or knowledge, within our professional profile.

Both personally and professionally, you can get a lot out of it in different areas, such as: tourism, business, travel, seeing the world, etc.

Learn English online

Many times not everyone has the time to attend an English academy, and this is where online courses come in, to provide their tools to those who do not have time for face-to-face academies.

There are many online English courses available, either from the web, or in mobile applications, either free or paid. Among some of those that we can name are: Preply, Udemy, open english, Coursera, Edx, it is only a matter of knowing how to choose which one best suits you and gives you that comfort you are looking for.

Free online English courses

Lingualia : It is one of the best online applications to learn English. It is based on artificial intelligence to adapt to the development and needs of students.

It was created by some Spanish entrepreneurs, and its strength is the personalization of the content to help you achieve your goals; you can access Lingualia from your computer, mobile or tablet.

Brainlang: It's not an English course, forget about studying; This is a training to learn English through visual listening. Thanks to the thousands of videos created by the platform, students can train their ears to understand speech naturally.

One of the advantages it has is that it can show subtitles in Spanish and English and has a built-in dictionary for the meanings you need during the study.

Fluentu: This is a platform that supports learning English by watching videos with interactive subtitles, there are thousands of different topics. One of the coolest features is that you can click on each word in the subtitle to see what it means.

The videos are organized by levels and topic. Above all, and very importantly, they have videos on culture, business, entertainment, music, and much more.

Youtalk: It is an online academy that can change your English in just 10 days and speak in 8 months. They have already said that it is not a miracle method, but with their help, they explain each step and make it very easy for you.

In their free online English courses, they teach you not only English, but also other languages. His method focuses on learning from 0 to 100, and the results of the first days focus on pronunciation, fluency and comprehension.

Paid online English courses

Udemy: In this course they facilitate English and the way of speaking and understanding a language that is not ours, based on the fact that the grammar of English is simpler than that of Spanish.

They will cover the basics of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, over 5 hours of video with all the important explanations.

Aba English: ABA English's English courses combine the Internet with programs that are downloaded and installed on students' computers.

This is a very sophisticated system for storing notes and remembering the classes you see, this allows you to study and learn at your own pace. A very complete and extensive course that has all kinds of learning tools.

Mosalingua: It is a very complete website with multiple languages, in addition to English, it facilitates learning and in a fun way through the card system.

This app has a lot of vocabularies, where you can add your own as well in order to collaborate. Available in the following languages: English, German, Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish.

Net Language: It is an English course supported by International House, an organization of language schools located almost all over the world.

You can choose between several levels, starting with a course for beginners and they have video and sound files so that your learning is much more complete and educational.

Why learn English in 2022?

English is considered the universal language for several reasons, among them being able to understand each other with people from other parts of the world in its different continents.

It is needed for work, to travel, for the internet, video games, technology or for the forefront of your profession, rather for almost practically everything.

In the academic field, it is useful to study in other English-speaking countries, careers that require this and, curiously, in Spain, for example, there are master's degrees in English or educational programs completely in this language.

There are countries that have English as their second official language, because knowing this language offers an advantage over those who do not study it.

Currently countries like Canada need immigrants, and a lot of skilled labor.

Who want to be part of their productive and labor system to be able to advance economically, benefiting from this incredible opportunity, but not speaking English will affect him.

That is why its importance, since it is an essential requirement in any part of the world and especially for a life without complications in English-speaking countries.

Without a doubt, mastering English fluently at this time can assure you endless opportunities to choose from. It will be an excellent investment, from being able to get better jobs, start a life abroad, see the world, and much more.