What are the symptoms of herpes?

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To know what are the symptoms of herpes? It is important to determine your diagnosis. The normal in the case of herpes is that the symptoms vary, sometimes, they can be very mild and other very serious.

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Among the symptoms of herpes we have the following.

· Fever.

· Genital herpes.

· Pain when chewing.

· General discomfort.

· Skin infections.

· Pain around the mouth.

· Eye and lung injuries.

· Meningoencephalitis and swallowing disorders.

· Liver vesicles on the palate, gums, lips or tongue.

· Nervous system infection (meningitis, encephalitis, etc.).

· Eye infections (conjunctivitis, eyelid edema and vesicles).

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¿Cuáles son los síntomas del herpes?
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