Herpes and its symptoms

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Herpes is divided into two types: simple and genital. But make no mistake, believing that the first affects the lips, and the second only the genitals.

Both the one and the other virus can manifest in both places, everything depends on the place of introduction.

Herpes and its symptoms – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

To understand the magnitude of the spread of this disaster, it is necessary to say that 9 out of 10 people are infected with herpes on Earth, but only 15% of infected people are showing the virus.

The relapse begins with the symptoms of herpes, which are very similar to many other diseases: the temperature begins to rise, weakness appears and, sometimes, pain in the joints.

The skin and mucous membranes are covered in small bubbles, which gradually become sores, which can last up to three weeks. During this time, they have time to become infected, then they burst and towards the end of the term they begin to heal.

If you do not take any action to treat herpes, it can manifest up to 6 times a year.

How is the herpes virus transmitted?

Both types of viruses migrate easily from person to person, leaving everyone with their descendants. An innocent kiss with a man who started to wake up a virus, and you can get safe on the infected list.

Herpes and its symptoms – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

The medicine suggests that oral sex, which has been very popular lately, has led to the widespread spread of genital herpes.

It is not difficult to guess that sex with a virus carrier without the use of protective equipment will provide the second partner with this disease.

If you choose the trigeminal ganglion (nerve plexus), which is in the cranial cavity, as your home, after waking up along the nerves will reach the mouth, gums, lips, skin of the face and even the ears.

If the virus is hidden in the sacral nodes located in the pelvis, the genitals, thighs and buttocks will be affected. But the virus will never fall from above, as it never rises.

What complications can occur?

If you stop the sores and do not try to treat them at all, the skin can reach a terrible state, and even cancer. But the virus poses the greatest danger to pregnant women, as it can cause a miscarriage.

Therefore, before the planned conception, it is necessary to check the herpes.

Herpes and its symptoms – Wellness and Health – WebMediums

The biggest problem with this disease is that it can not be cured. Medications can only speed up healing or keep the virus in a state of sleep thanks to improved immunity.

Therefore, the best treatment and prevention will continue to be a healthy lifestyle, nutrition of adequate quality, regular exercise and, what is more important, peace of mind, that is, without nervous breakdown.

All this will keep the villain under control, not allowing him to show himself outside.

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Herpes y sus síntomas
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