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What is Elementor?

Jockharber E
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Elementor is a creator or a web page creation plugin that with a very simple expression of dragging and dropping elements to layout a website.

This makes the plugin easy to use without any design or programming skills, you can also visually create complex layouts or design entire web pages.

Elementor in WordPress.

How is the basic distribution

The creation or distribution is done through sections that allow the layers to be subdivided according to the structure, and each of these sections is styled with elements (headers, images, videos, etc.).

In the PRO version, you can find more than 100 design elements and of course you can edit each of these elements with your own style and creativity.

What are Elementor templates

Mindful Mambo is a flexible template that offers multiple, eCommerce- focused sections as areas to display your products.

However, it also includes areas where visitors can schedule courses and appointments. This makes Mindful Mambo a great addition to a wide variety of wellness-themed websites.

Great education to encourage student registration, “Education” includes a live tracker, this shows the total number of courses, students and teachers.

This template is a simple design with occasional pops of bold color, they are very useful to draw attention to the most important content of your template.

Elementor, an intuitive template.

Designconf If you're thinking of hosting an event, the DesignConf template contains everything you need to liven up your session and collect registrations.

This template is packed with helpful sections like attendee voices, speaker profiles, event sponsors, and more.

Hestate is a fully responsive template kit designed for real estate agents, brokers, interior designers, and other businesses with real estate to advertise.

This template has a great video banner that is perfect for showcasing video tours of the most desirable properties you can handle.

What is Elementor in WordPress

Elementor, is one of the many graphical interfaces to create WordPress websites. Website owners can create pages assuming they will always be dragging and dropping text boxes, titles, images, and content blocks.

Choose from hundreds of options. It comes with dozens of extremely useful widgets and a library of amazingly designed templates.

Create your website with Elementor.

The interface is easy to use and very intuitive, so the learning curve is very short and it only takes a few minutes to master. With Elementor, you don't need to know programming or anything like that.

Once you install WordPress on your hosting plan, everything is done from your browser, applying a few downloads and configurations, you would be ready to go.

Unlike regular website builders that have to adjust to the available options, Elementor is compatible with most WordPress themes, giving you complete freedom to extend your theme.

Save your own designed blocks and widgets and reuse them on other pages of your website, this definitely saves time and helps maintain visual consistency within your website.

How Elementor works

To design a new page or post in the Elementor Page Builder, go to Page/ Post > Add New. You can launch the Elementor editor by clicking Edit in Elementor.

It is also possible that you have an existing site that could use an overhaul, in this scenario go to the page in question and open it for editing. You can then click the Edit with Elementor button.

Elementor offers amazing functionalities.

The Elementor sidebar appears on the left side of the screen. Here are all the elements you can add to your layout, like buttons and headers.

The Elementor sidebar also includes a global widgets section. If you want to reuse the same widget across multiple layouts, you can save it as a global widget.

The Elementor editor provides access to three main building features which are: Sections, Columns and Widgets. We've already named the Elementor widgets, so let's see how to add them to our layout.

Usually you first create a section by clicking on the ( +) icon in the main section, Elementor will ask you to choose a structure, we explain what it is based on.

A structure option consists of one or more columns, finally place your widgets in these columns. These play a critical role in creating a more organized layout.

Once decided, Elementor will add this section to the layout. To move this section to a new location, click on the section and grab the blue dotted handle that appears.

Design your website with Elementor.

If you want to create a website very easily and work with WordPress, it can help you organize your work and make website creation more enjoyable.

As we mentioned earlier, there is no learning curve as it is very intuitive and you can actually have a website up and running in minutes.

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