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10 tips to balance your life and teleworking

Ramiro Guzman
7 min read
10 tips to balance your life and teleworking – Advices – WebMediums
Under certain circumstances, unbalanced telecommuting can negatively affect health.

Surely, in the last few months your routine has changed drastically and knowing some tips to balance your life can help you adapt to this new normal.

Teleworking came unexpectedly and without much preparation, we knew little about it and much less were we prepared to stay in this modality. This is why there have been many problems to carry it out, but we have some solutions for you.

Next, you can find 10 recommendations that will help you and give you enough time to be at home, work, fulfill your obligations and distract yourself.

Tips to balance your life? Start by creating a custom routine for you!

When you go to an office, it is much more complicated to establish hours where you can perform certain tasks of a personal nature. Therefore, teleworking brought with it the possibility of making schedules more flexible and anticipating requests from your bosses.

In turn, this allows you to determine exactly how much time you'll need to spend on them to get them ready.

Also, knowing every detail, it will be much easier to establish a work plan in which you can dedicate a certain number of hours. Remember that you must keep in mind to comply with your meals, exercise, sleep, socialization, among other aspects.

10 tips to balance your life and teleworking – Advices – WebMediums
A bad routine in remote work can complicate or alter the normal rhythms of the body.

Do not neglect healthy schedules, do not stay awake and do not work longer than you would be in the office. Adjusting all this, your itinerary will be excellent.

Learn to determine levels of importance

There is a rather irritating quality to working from home, and that is, every time you think you have time, you don't. To avoid this, you must learn to establish what is more important and what deserves more or less dedication.

There is a fairly simple method: write a list with the tasks that you have pending and then, make another one, establishing if it is something relevant or not.

Continuing with the above, once you know that it deserves more dedication, divide it between the first days of your week.

Also consider the delivery shifts and the haste with which the order was made. A fundamental point is that you always leave room for extra orders, especially if you work in a company where this is common.

Divide your tasks or chores

There may not be among the tips to balance your life something as crucial as knowing how to delegate obligations.

You probably have some people in your charge or are part of a work team, therefore, you cannot assume all the responsibility alone.

10 tips to balance your life and teleworking – Advices – WebMediums
Delegating actions not only makes you a good leader, but also saves you from fatigue due to work demands.

Do not demand too much of yourself and set short goals in your day to day until you achieve the final goal. Keep in mind that it is important to take care of your health and that you should not saturate yourself.

Set limits that prevent health complications

Taking work home has the consequence that schedules do not exist, you can work whenever and that is detrimental.

Framing your hours of commitment is vital to be able to do other things, such as distract yourself or share pleasant moments with your loved ones. On the one hand, you must determine an adequate work schedule, without excesses and leaving space to consummate your obligations.

As an accessory, set time limits to finish your assignments, this works for you to improve concentration and encourages you to meet objectives.

Short-term goals are the best option: for example, completing a quote in one hour or spending no more than two hours on an analysis. This will give you incentives and allow you to easily manage the period of leisure and responsibility.

Find a space that suits your needs

Since you surely coexist at home with your family, the ideal is that you establish a place dedicated to your work. It can be a room or simply an area of the room where you place your implements with the best possible security.

10 tips to balance your life and teleworking – Advices – WebMediums
Setting up a home office or your own environment will be key to enjoying teleworking.

Among the tips to balance your life, it is important to remember to accommodate your computer thinking that you have a correct posture when working.

It should be noted that this must be a point that must be respected by your family, especially by the little ones. Don't forget to strategically place your tools; and, if it is within your reach, you can buy a desk and a good chair just like an office.

Take timely breaks

It is understandable that laziness becomes part of your day to day life when you work from home, but you should not let it win you over.

Establish rest periods at the right times and with a specific schedule. For example, after lunch you can take a nap or check your social networks.

It is advisable that it be only for an hour, so you do not neglect your responsibilities. These moments are ideal to clear your mind a little and you can schedule them in your itinerary.

Plan moments of dispersion

Not everything is work, therefore, you must also have moments to distract yourself and free your mind. It will be necessary for you to plan moments for yourself, your family and friends, always thinking about disconnecting from work.

It would be amazing if you got out of the house a bit; Of course, adapting to current biosecurity measures. In this way you get away from the place where you spend most of the day.

10 tips to balance your life and teleworking – Advices – WebMediums
Going out and spending a different day will drain the tension or possible stress caused by teleworking.

You should not ignore any advice to balance your life, but this one, you should put it into practice right now, even if you return to the office.

Leisure time is significant for your physical and mental health, as it gives you the opportunity to get out of the routine.

Take your work away from the family

Yes, this sounds complicated having both in the same environment, but it is not that difficult, we mean separating the problems and concerns.

What corresponds to your work should not affect your interpersonal relationships. If you're upset or stressed, let your roommates know. Talking can make a difference.

Humanize your work

This is a look that will make you feel a little more in the mood. You can make video calls with your colleagues and discuss work aspects.

It is also good that, from time to time, you talk a little with your bosses to determine strategies and not isolate yourself in what you do.

Use music to inspire you

We ended up giving a fun touch to work hours, no one said that being at home you can't enjoy your favorite songs.

10 tips to balance your life and teleworking – Advices – WebMediums
The power of music in these settings should never be underestimated.

Of course, try to get instrumental music or in a different language. This will allow you to stay focused. Classical music is quite good to focus and you may discover some new musical taste that you can share with your immediate ones.