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4 key tips to make a relationship last

Learn from love breakups and walk towards your emotional stability

Maria de Piña
6 min read
4 key tips to make a relationship last – Advices – WebMediums
4 key reasons why breakups happen and how to avoid them

There are many love breakups that we see daily, but what are the reasons why it is so difficult for a courtship, or a relationship to last?

There is a whole parade of factors that influence a relationship, and even more so in the times we live in, where some values do not apply. If the annual divorce rate is high, the rate of failed courtships is incalculable, since it occurs more easily.

You may be on that long list of people who still haven't found their better half, and it takes several frustrating attempts. However, if you want to improve the approach for the next step, let's learn what the flaws are and how to fix them.

Why do so many breakups happen?

To delve into sentimental problems, first let us know what are the most common reasons why courtships end up failing.

1. Relationships by attraction

Of course there must be a physical attraction between the two people, but it cannot be the only basis of their union. Physical appearance has nothing to do with character and dating is not just an image.

This type of relationship starts very well because in the beginning the emotions occupy most of the scene. However, as the weeks go by, the character comes to the fore, and the differences begin to be noticed, with the relationship being more prone to a love breakup.

In general, this type of courtship occurs very quickly, where those involved know little about each other, and it is just what produces the breakup.

2. Relationships due to social pressure

The pressure that some environments influence on people, manages to reach even the love aspects. Some to get rid of criticism, ridicule or so that their sexuality is not questioned, undertake a relationship without really wanting it.

This leads to a commitment that should be motivated by something purer than pressure, becoming a fragile facade that ends up collapsing.

3. Attachment relationships

Another of the most common cases is where two people met from a very young age. There comes a point where they are no longer compatible, but they stay together for fear of loneliness. This creates a time bomb that ends up exploding and sometimes affecting third parties.

This type of behavior results in the creation of emotionally unstable people, who go from one relationship to another, constantly because of their need for company.

4. Unstable relationships

They are also classified with the term of toxic, are those where one or both parties have a lack of control in their emotions and suffer from insecurity.

Jealousy, conflicts, arguments, control and possessiveness are involved in these courtships, the main factors of love breakups.

Many times they become vicious circles, with multiple separations and reconciliations, but they never end well, nor do they settle down due to their insane nature.

How to make a relationship last and be stable ?

4 key tips to make a relationship last – Advices – WebMediums
Give importance to your courtship

If you are looking for a relationship that lasts and reaches the next level, follow these tips.

Give the matter the importance it deserves

Many embark on a courtship without understanding all that is involved in making this decision to share part of your life and emotions with others. Do not take it lightly, keep in mind that now you must worry about another, action that must be reciprocal.

A relationship must be a constant source of support and trust, the interaction must be deeper than sharing an ice cream or going for a walk.

Give yourself time to get to know the other person

For there to be a healthy interaction between two people you do not necessarily have to start a courtship. If there is chemistry and attraction established, clarify your feelings with the other person, and in this agree to share and spend time together just to get to know each other.

4 key tips to make a relationship last – Advices – WebMediums
Dating to meet your better half

Set limits and dedicate yourself to paying attention to his character, in the treatment of your suitor towards others, discovering what his goals and aspirations are. Do not rush to commitment, let love flourish and be built with deeds, not just words.

Have a mental standard of the person you love

We are not talking about the physical aspect, but about the character that you would like your partner to have.

One of the problems when looking for a partner is that we do not know what we are looking for. Form it from the positive principles and ideals that please you.

You're not going to find someone who's exactly up to the letter of your standard, but you can find someone who's pretty close. This serves as a formula to filter, with something a little more serious than butterflies in the stomach.

Take care of emotions

It is well known of the fight between reason and heart, and mostly we decide with the latter and then end up crying at the feet of the former. Emotions are valid, but they are not a good basis for making decisions.

Courtship is not an involuntary act that just happens, it is an important decision that is not taken lightly, nor guided by the acceleration of hormones. Before committing, calm down and take the time to analyze if you are ready to take on this step.

Know the truth about love

Love is and will be the fundamental basis that will make a relationship last, establish itself and resist over the years, however, you must know its nature.

The first thing you should know is that love is not a sudden emotion, it must be born and grow.

Simple love is expressed with gifts and words, deep love is shown with acts, where the other person is cared for and protected. In this way, genuine love is reflected in the other person's interest in all aspects of your life.

Do not expect love to just appear out of nowhere, if you really care about the other person dedicate yourself to showing it to them and analyze if this action is reciprocal, only then can you achieve something lasting.