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Key tips to revive love with your partner

Pierla Salazar
5 min read

When couples get married, they begin with a burning flame that if not stoked over time, love may fade, until it reaches the point of monotony and boredom.

Love is built, little by little, with words, actions, habits, fights, love encounters, with tastes, successes and failures. That is why we want to show you some ideas of things you can do at home so that love with your partner does not fade.

Marriage as a synonym of communion

Marriage represents friendship and companionship. The woman is a complement to the man, and the man to his wife. Many couples do not see the virtues of their spouse and end up in conflict or isolation.

There are men who do not value the position of women within the home, underestimating her, threatening her, silencing her voice; and on the other hand, there are women who seek their constant growth and liberation, devaluing the position of their spouse.

Key tips to revive love with your partner – Advices – WebMediums

The communion of a man with a woman is one of the best decisions that an individual can make, because it will never be a better option to live alone, there is a famous phrase that says "two are better than one, because when one falls the other will lift him up". ".

What is living in community?

Living in community is understanding that, although they are two different people, they are united by the same bond called love; each one has different functions, but equally worthy of applause.

If you feel that the relationship with your partner is not advancing, that it has become stormy, or perhaps monotonous, then it is time to stop and study how you are leading the direction of your marriage.

Keys to revive love in your partner

Today we want to show you some simple and basic activities that can help you fan the flame of love in your partner.

1. Let's have a date on the couch

Yes, a date on the couch sounds absurd, but if you are one of those people who spend long hours at work and arrive at night to prepare everything for the next day, then this activity is for you.

It will not take more than 15 minutes, take some time on the couch for a warm conversation, with questions about what happened in your daily work, events, problems or what you will do in the following hours, take time to listen to each other.

As a couple, it is necessary to understand that although it may seem methodical, over time the date on the couch will become a habit within the couple.

Key tips to revive love with your partner – Advices – WebMediums

To this date you can add affection, love, a coffee or a dessert, for just 15 to 20 minutes forget all the other things you have to do, and as a couple relax.

2. Protect your relationship

We live in times in which the couple's relationship is threatened on many fronts, everything points to the division of marriage, infidelity, divorce, breakups, and if you want to strengthen ties with your partner, it's time to protect your relationship.

Have a photo of your partner on the cover of your phone, or on your computer, and even in your office, so that while you are away you can remember him and know that you owe someone sentimentally.

If you have a chance, at least during the day, give him a call and ask him if he needs anything, or just send him a message reminding him that you love him.

There are people who send love notes to their spouse in suitcases or bags.

Always remember how important your partner is to you, and why you joined her. What keeps them together, and where do you want to go with her.

3. Bring back the honeymoon

Relive the beautiful moment you lived on your honeymoon, and if you never did it, it's time to plan it.

You can plan a weekend getaway to the same place, and even hotel and room where you were on your honeymoon.

Key tips to revive love with your partner – Advices – WebMediums

And if your honeymoon wasn't the best or you just didn't have it, then it's time to plan something better, but give your relationship some breathing space.

There are couples who encourage separation to breathe in the relationship, and this is not healthy, on the contrary, the breathing space that a relationship needs is not far from its partner, it is really far from everything that disconnects them from it.

4. A getaway

Make particular and unusual dates, things, or places that you did not imagine visiting and that awakens love, passion and creativity in the couple's relationship.

You don't need a lot of money, just the willingness to do something different that adds to the relationship.

Key tips to revive love with your partner – Advices – WebMediums

It is not about the place where you go but about the time that both take to enjoy it together. This type of dating should be constant in a relationship.

Go to the beach, have a coffee, visit a shopping center, go to the movies, dance, eat, any option is valid as long as it is with the person you love.

5. The special night

Prepare a romantic night, not only on Valentine's Day, nor on any special date, the time has come to surprise your partner with a special night or evening inside the house, place the dim light, roses, a dinner and romantic music.

Set the mood, dress for the occasion, make it themed, and give your spouse a day or night of love.

Key tips to revive love with your partner – Advices – WebMediums

There are days that are designed to give love, make those days extra special and fuel the love in your relationship.

Do not let the chores of the moment isolate you from the most valuable people, build and build your future based on love. Don't forget this important premise, " Love never ceases to be".