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Mom of a Boy: What You Need to Know

Pierla Salazar
5 min read

Many women long for the arrival of a princess in their home, but sometimes the stork brings us a boy as a gift; And if that is your case, I want to give you some very practical advice that you can follow.

I will teach you what to do if you are a mother of a boy or if you are in the sweet expectation of a child, from how our lifestyle should be; even what are your favorite tastes.

Mom of a Boy: What You Need to Know – Advices – WebMediums

Everything you need to know to raise a boy

Boys are more attached to their mother, they feel that she is the love of their life, if they drink breast milk they are more possessive than girls, and it takes longer to stop breastfeeding.

Boys are fascinated by action games, since they were little they have a passion for guns, superheroes, war games, strategies, etc.

They get more dirty if boys damage and dirty clothes faster because their games are more extreme than those of a girl. They are very independent and that's great, but they tend to hit each other faster and live with torn clothing.

They love games, sports and superheroes

A child loves a ball, soccer, basketball or baseball will always be a great sport for them.

They love to create imaginary stories with superheroes and villains, from a drawing, legos, soldiers to dolls. Be fashionable superheroes, for them there is always someone good who saves the planet, and they love to recreate that story.

Mom of a Boy: What You Need to Know – Advices – WebMediums

They have a weakness for cars, from babies to adults, cars are their passion, cars cannot be absent in a man's house, they roll them from babies and emit the sound of the car with their voice.

Over the years they begin to collect them and play with tracks and when they are grown up they will have one of their own, and they will love it madly because it was always their dream as a child.

They are fans of the animal world

Men are fond of the jungle, farms, dinosaurs, they are able to meet as many dinosaurs as possible and see the differences of each one just by looking at a photo or having a doll, watching series and animal movies and also of dogs, they love to have at home man's best friend "the dog".

Mom of a Boy: What You Need to Know – Advices – WebMediums

You can have educational materials about the animal world at home, this not only helps them in their playful part, but also increases their knowledge and skills. There are pieces of puzzles from the animal world, legos, toys, movies, stories that can serve as support at home.

They are cheerful and funny

They are lovers of their moms, they are happy, funny, they do not mind-blowing gases in front of their parents, they can be naked in front of everyone without any shame or shame, they always have an anecdote or joke from their school or some experience of the soccer game.

They love to listen to music and some learn music, so if their strength is music it is good that you can involve them in musical activities, another thing that fascinates them is dressing up, their first costume is their dad's clothes, and then they will ask you for one of their Favorite characters.

Males love to ask questions

Although not more than girls, but if they like you, normally a three-year-old can ask 400 questions in a day, you must be prepared for the interrogation and do not get tired of your little ones because when they grow up they change.

When boys grow up and reach the stage of puberty, some become a bit introverted and closed due to the physical, emotional and behavioral changes that this age generates. They develop a kind of fear, fear of not being accepted, loved, not feeling affection and this causes many to shut themselves up or seek the answers to their questions outside the home.

Being a mother of a boy is an honor

They are euphoric screams in the middle of a game, they are tears when seeing him cry because he hurt someone, he hurt him, it is feeling helpless when you see that he enters a clinical room, and you would like to be in his place, it knows that your heart has a new owner the one you love madly.

Being the mother of a boy is sleepless nights, days of dedication, it is time, love, investment, affection, fights, corrections, but also many years of the company of a being who will love us with all his life.

Mom of a Boy: What You Need to Know – Advices – WebMediums

It is a great responsibility, but it is a very beautiful illusion because in your hands there is an arrow that will be launched to a great destiny, you have in your hands the possibility of raising a different man, upright, loving, responsible and hardworking, a lover of what well, the true and the perfect.

Being a mother of a boy is not an easy thing to do, but neither is it an impossible task to accomplish, and the fact is that in your hands is the possibility of forming in him the plans and designs that are determined for his life, in your hands is the opportunity that he is the father of a home and that he can do better things than you and your husband have done with him.

A male in the future will be your companion, gentleman, confidant and friend who will help and protect you, so if you are a mother of several, feel happy.