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Women's CrossFit shoes: which are the best?

Guzmán Leal
6 min read
Women's CrossFit shoes: which are the best? – Advices – WebMediums
Women's CrossFit shoes allow for greater stability.

Physical activities not only require our will to do them but also the right equipment and clothing. One of the most important elements, and one that will make a difference, is to use the best women's CrossFit shoes.

Indeed, having quality footwear will allow you better support for your feet, while making them more comfortable. Above all, before activities that demand greater physical effort such as CrossFit. Continue reading to know the best models.

reebok nano x

The Nano X line has the uniqueness of being part of the 10th anniversary of Reebok. Thanks to this, the footwear is equipped with the most relevant technology features related to physical activity.

It means that they are designed for the full and continuous use of CrossFit-type exercise, whose level of demand becomes very high. In turn, they are practical for running, because their materials have high flexibility and resistance.

Women's CrossFit shoes: which are the best? – Advices – WebMediums
The Reebok Nano X is a good option.

Indeed, the latter is one of its most valuable characteristics, since its fabric is endowed with great elasticity. In addition to that, it has high-quality cushioning, and it is the virtue of having a high-compression EVA midsole.

Nike Metcon 5, one of the best women's CrossFit shoes

The Nike Metcon 5 ranks high on the list due to its focus on the heel portion, specifically giving it greater stability. As a direct effect, the person enjoys better support when performing exercises such as squats, lifting weights, among others.

Women's CrossFit shoes: which are the best? – Advices – WebMediums
Nike is an option par excellence.

To be more detailed, the heel part is characterized by having a low, wide, and flat design. To this is added, a much more resistant foam material than in previous models, so that the cushioning effect is improved.

As a final touch, Nike adds a 6mm Hyperlift insole, which has the exclusive function of providing stability functions. But, without neglecting comfort, through the use of very soft materials.

Cougar Fuse

If what you need is a versatile shoe, Puma Fuse is positioned as one of the best women's CrossFit shoes.

They have a combination of valuable elements, such as the inclusion of a midsole that, together with a clip on the heel, cushions any impact. As a product of this union, the foot is always kept in the same place, providing comfort and firmness.

Women's CrossFit shoes: which are the best? – Advices – WebMediums
Puma Fuse is presented as an alternative.

In addition, Puma knows very well that CrossFit activities make us sweat more. That is why the Puma Fuse equips elements of perspiration to increase the grip under the foot.

In its front part, they seek to give more freedom to the tip of the foot, through a wider space to promote comfort.

Under Armor Tribase

With the sole and specific objective of designing a shoe exclusively for CrossFit, the Under Armor Tribase was born.

In essence, they are based on a material of enormous resistance and extensive elastic capacity. For comfort, they incorporate a mesh that is responsible for improving perspiration and ventilation of the feet during intense physical activity.

Women's CrossFit shoes: which are the best? – Advices – WebMediums
The Tribe was designed specifically for CrossFit.

For its part, the midsole is made of foam material, specifically a micro G with a drop of 2 mm. Thus, cushioning is assured at all times.

Additionally, the lower part of the shoe has grooves that favor a much more flexible condition. Therefore, the person can perform more natural movements.

reebok speed

Reebok is a brand that, par excellence, manufactures shoes that are endowed with the highest quality features possible. In the present case, the Speed TR line was specifically designed for explosive training, where body weight is used.

It is then, version 2.0 of the model, with a much more flexible design thanks to a low-cut sanity fabric. In turn, in the heel part, they incorporate an exposed clip that increases the stability points of the shoe.

Women's CrossFit shoes: which are the best? – Advices – WebMediums
Speed's upgraded line meets basic strength requirements.

In the case of the midsole, they continue to opt for the traditional brand, being an EVA type that has great resistance.

For comfort, they incorporate a design with elastic grooves, accompanied by a breathable mesh and anti-friction collars. In this way, the feet remain fresh at all times, so that CrossFit exercises are easier to execute.

Adidas Crazypower TR W

For this case, we present one of the best women's CrossFit shoes, especially for the quality of the materials used in its construction.

The protagonists of this footwear are synthetic and textile leather, in which an RPU reinforcement is incorporated. Continuously, inside, we have a fabric design to put comfort first.

The heel area, inside, has a much larger space to favor natural movements. Likewise, they are reinforced with TPU so that stability is their main virtue.

Women's CrossFit shoes: which are the best? – Advices – WebMediums
Adidas is another brand that cannot be missing.

On the other hand, the cushioning takes on a higher level, thanks to the integration of TRAXION technology. To this is added a 2 cm sole that improves grip through smaller studs.

Which of the above women's CrossFit shoes to buy?

In the footwear market, there is high competition, with the main companies being Nike, Adidas, and Puma. However, the variety is still present, where brands like Reebok and Under Armor also sneak in.

The characteristic of each of the brands is that they seek that their products pass through the highest quality standards. As a consequence, the success of their results is notorious, especially when we look at the number of sales they obtain per year.

The truth is that to buy a shoe from those mentioned above, it will depend on your tastes and preferences. And it is that, in terms of functionality, each one fulfills what it is made for, which would be stability, comfort, and resistance.

All this, added to a shoe that generally does not tend to weigh much, so your feet will not suffer much. In that sense, the women's CrossFit shoes have everything you need to meet the most demanding physical activities.