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Airtags: a great tool or a great danger?

Ramiro Guzman
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Airtags: a great tool or a great danger? – Apple Universe – WebMediums
The Airtags begin to have certain social repercussions not admitted by the public.

Apple launched Airtags a few months ago, a tool designed to locate objects at great distances and that would allow knowledge of their location.

These objects were very well received thanks to their excellent service as they could only be tracked through an iPhone or branded device. However, situations have begun to exist that question whether Apple has created something good or bad.

In essence, it is necessary to analyze different aspects to determine if these small and harmless keychains could actually become a threat to people.

What were Airtags produced for?

From the moment of its launch, Apple made it clear what the function of one of the smallest devices developed by the brand was.

These were designed to be smart tags that could be tracked with UWB technology to always know where objects would be.

Likewise, due to their small size, they can be used as key rings, allowing them to be placed on backpacks, house keys, the car or on a bicycle.

Airtags: a great tool or a great danger? – Apple Universe – WebMediums
The size of the Airtags is practical, but at the same time it is their main problem so far.

In this way, you could locate any object that is marked through your mobile, all in a personalized network. For its part, each tag must be registered in your personal IP, providing privacy and security.

But that is precisely where the problem lies. In general, this would lend itself to other uses that might not be the most appropriate.

What are the risks involved in its use?

Now, Apple may not have studied in depth the possibility that the Airtags were used improperly.

Charges have even been filed by several people who consider themselves followed or harassed through one of these key chains. At the same time, you will surely ask yourself, how have the situations occurred?

Once one of these tags is registered, it can be followed at great distances, as UWB technology allows it to be done. Also, Apple created a network that intercommunicates its devices.

In other words, a record is generated with nothing more than considering the contact with other equipment of the brand that are in its range. As can be seen, the situation has given way to many people locating others without their consent.

Without wanting it, a device was created that would serve perfectly to locate people with a simple Apple device.

Airtags: a great tool or a great danger? – Apple Universe – WebMediums
Prevention of physical harassment will be one of Apple's modifications to its tags.

For example, parents who have placed tags in their children's backpacks or cars. And, likewise, people who have found them among their things without knowing how long they have been there, are just samples of this.

Can they pose any danger to their users?

Those who use the Airtags network correctly are not in any danger. Generally, the security system is designed to prevent mistakes.

Typically, every tag needs to be registered, so it's hard for something to join the system unexpectedly. Also, you could know just by checking out the app.

Are solutions being worked on?

Given the complaints, the company that develops the Airtags has made it clear that its devices have not been designed for these purposes.

Although, without neglecting their responsibilities, they have begun to develop security improvements to reduce the rate of circumstances mediated by tags.

One of the main solutions is the proximity notification of one of these keychains. In other words, without knowing whose it is, you will be able to know that it is close. This will make people aware of the existence of such teams in your personal circle.

Airtags: a great tool or a great danger? – Apple Universe – WebMediums
Apple will start implementing spam tracking mode for its users.

Also, it has been decided to deactivate the monitoring after a certain time away from the mobile that commands them. There is no doubt that they are small solutions that have already shown efficient results.

It is estimated that, as the months go by, the security system will be improved in order to guarantee its safe use.

In the meantime, do you think this technology is really a useful tool? Surely yes. Beyond all, it is great to be able to know where all your objects are just by entering an application on your mobile.

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Airtags: ¿una gran herramienta o gran peligro?
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