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Apple Unleashed Event: Find out about the new devices presented by Apple

Alexa Acosta
12 min read
Apple Unleashed Event: Find out about the new devices presented by Apple

The long-awaited Apple Unleashed event recently ended, which happened on the date and time set by the apple company. We have the full premise, with all the new Apple devices.

The event did not last more than an hour, but it left us with a whole new generation of technologies never seen before. Many of the requests of the users were listened to, from new chips, to very versatile audio devices.

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New announcements

Apple got off to a strong start, undoubtedly the highlight were the new MacBook Pro models with an ultra-powerful chip. The second to stand out were the AirPods, in its new generation, these headphones debut a renewed design as well as better capabilities.

Finally, he left us a little surprise, an ultra versatile, compact, colorful and technologically advanced device. If you want to know this incredible device, in addition to knowing the others in detail, you just have to keep reading.

MacBook Pro repowered

Apple Unleashed Event: Find out about the new devices presented by Apple

Since the birth of the MacBook Pros, users have insisted that all it needed was some power. Well, Apple heard the prayers and presented us with a laptop with new dimensions and a power that could thrill any professional user.

A one-of-a-kind notebook, it combines the best audio and camera system of all Apple notebooks, a Liquid Retina XDR display, and an ultra-fast chip. Resulting in a MacBook like no other, so powerful that currently there is no executable that cannot be mastered with ease.

What improved compared to its predecessor?

These laptops had extensive reviews as well as rigorous testing to determine all their improvements. Among the most notable highlights:

— The CPU has a much higher performance, being about 3.7 times faster.

— Its graphics are from another world, with a performance that exceeds 13 times the others.

— Artificial intelligence also accompanies this device, since it has the ability to automatically learn about 11 times faster.

— Without a doubt the battery life is something that has caused controversy in Apple, with an impressive 21 hours of autonomy, despite having a larger screen.

M1 Pro

Apple Unleashed Event: Find out about the new devices presented by Apple

We are already used to the architecture presented by the M1 chip, but the M1 Pro has gone to the stratosphere, with a power never seen before. Almost any type of program, be it for programming, professional photography or games, can be effortlessly executed by 10 CPU cores.

Well, M1 Pro has these cores and more, its GPU is an impressive 16 cores, and additionally about 16 more for a neural motor. Not satisfied with this, media and engines dedicated to encoding and decoding codecs such as H.264, ProRes and HEVC were added.


— 10-core CPU.

— 16-core GPU.

— Up to 32 GB of memory.

— Bandwidth with capacity for 200 GB / S.

— Possibility to support two external screens.

— With hardware-powered 4K ProRes video playback, with up to 20 streams.

The terrifyingly fast M1 Max

Apple Unleashed Event: Find out about the new devices presented by Apple

Without a doubt, this is the most powerful chip ever created for a professional laptop, almost second to none. It has the same 10 CPU cores as the M1 Pro, but with a GPU of up to 32 cores, quite a technological feat.

It has double the processing in graphics and in bandwidth, with a specially dedicated engine for decoding and two for encoding. In terms of video, it has the ability to modify it about two times faster than the M1 Pro.

Its ProRes accelerators allow it to provide multi-sequential performance far superior to other devices, providing enormous versatility.


— 10-core CPU.

— GPU up to 32 cores.

— Up to 64 GB of memory.

— Bandwidth with capacity for 400 GB / s.

— Possibility to support about four external screens.

— With hardware-powered 8K ProRes video playback, with up to 7 streams.

Let's talk about dimensions

The new MacBook Pros came with a big upgrade, offering 14-inch and 16-inch models. Both models can be chosen with any of the aforementioned chips, with pro-level performance that has truly been unprecedented.

All this allows you to process and manipulate millions of polygons in Cinema 4D, as well as being able to edit broadcasts in 8K. Which means that it can easily be used by professional programmers to create applications and programs of all kinds.

Autonomy of the MacBook Pro

Apple Unleashed Event: Find out about the new devices presented by Apple

The M1 Pro and Max models from Apple Silicon not only provide an abysmal improvement in power and processing, but also in autonomy. It sounds like magic, but it's still technology, connected or not, the MacBook Pro will deliver the same performance and power.

In the 14-inch models the duration is estimated at about 17 hours in continuous video playback. On the other hand, it is also calculated at about 11 hours browsing a wireless web with a single charge.

For the 16-inch models we find that for video playback it can be about 21 hours in continuous playback. In the case of wireless navigation, you can enjoy about 14 consecutive hours, starting from a single charge.

Something that is also attributed to Apple Silicon, is that it rarely gets hot with everyday tasks. This means that the fan of the thermal system is kept off most of the time.

But for processes that really need good cooling, Apple integrated an advanced ventilation system. Air flows with an efficiency that is 50% higher than previous devices.

Storage capacity and transfer speed

Apple Unleashed Event: Find out about the new devices presented by Apple

It has an SSD drive of about 8 TB available for storage, and because it is a rigid card, its transfer speed is much higher. Up to 7.4 GB / s, even twice as fast as the previous generation.

This allows the execution of 8K videos to be practically instantaneous, without any type of delay noticeable by the human eye.

Incredible color gamut with Liquid Retina XDR

Its contrast ratio is 1 million to one, in addition to its external dynamic range, which allows for a seamless transition of images. HDR content appears to be right in front of you in reality, rather than in a photo.

You can view videos with incredibly refined graphics in detail, as well as games that combine ultra-realistic shadows, colors and transitions. It also has professional modes used for photography, design and much more.

These MacBook Pros have ProMotion, with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, automatically adjusting to the movement of the content. This allows for completely natural and ultra-smooth movement, even with the heaviest images.

The best camera a MacBook ever had

Apple knows that today more than ever it is important to stay connected at all times, keeping this in mind, it integrated a 1080p camera. Just twice the resolution of previous models, plus flawless low-light performance.

This is all just the beginning, as it also features three professional, studio-level microphones. Spatial audio, a huge number of inputs for all types of connection, HDMI, SDXC, MagSafe 3, Thunderbolt 4 and much more.

Third generation AirPods

Apple Unleashed Event: Find out about the new devices presented by Apple

This new generation of headphones really promises to amaze music lovers, as well as offering a huge amount of features. Everything worthy of Apple, from a new design, to a bass power that has never been achieved.

Spatial audio

One of the best features of these AirPods, they have the innovative technology of spatial audio. Which allows to focus the sound of songs, movies or series right where they should come from if we were live.

In addition to this, it has dynamic tracking for head movements, which means that if you move to the left, the music will move as well. Without a doubt, this provides an unmatched listening experience, which could be called three-dimensional.

You can immerse yourself in your favorite music, close your eyes and imagine that you are right in front of the concert of your favorite artist. You can also immerse yourself in the history of the movie or series you see, allowing you to enjoy the best of entertainment.

The personification came to the sound

It has a system called Adaptive EQ, which allows you to automatically tune the sound that the user is listening to. In this way, it adjusts the frequencies within the specific ranges for each person's hearing.

These small and almost imperceptible changes in frequency personalize the sound in real time. Which provides exquisite audio, with near-perfect aural detail, allowing you to enjoy sound like never before.

The best bass ever

Apple Unleashed Event: Find out about the new devices presented by Apple

The bass produced by the third generation of AirPods provides a sound rich in well-defined tones, with an optimal transition. Apple added a dynamic controller, which is supercharged by a completely custom amplifier.

The sound that is reproduced through these headphones has perfect and deep bass, as well as impeccable highs.

The wind will no longer be a problem

Does the breeze bother you? Third-generation AirPods have the ability to almost completely silence that annoying noise when you're talking. The shell of these headphones is covered with an acoustic mesh with a perfect fit that by itself minimizes the sound of the wind.

Not satisfied with this, Apple also added special microphones that can further minimize this noise. Which allows you to keep a call, where despite being running against the wind, the voice will be heard clear and concise.

A plus for FaceTime

The perfect complement has arrived to turn this application into one of the best communication methods. Thanks to spatial audio, group calls will be so realistic that it will feel like people are actually right in front of you.

Now it's easier to control AirPods

Pinch to control has always been a great way to manipulate these headphones, it just takes a little pressure. By pressing you can get the songs to play, pause them, change them and even answer and end calls.

Protection against water

Apple Unleashed Event: Find out about the new devices presented by Apple

These new AirPods have an IPX4 certification, which ends up classifying this device as one that is sweat and water resistant. This means that you can practice some discipline without major problem, in addition to listening to music in the rain.

It is more than clear that these headphones are not prepared for immersion of any kind, it only supports sweat and external water. The charging case also has the same rating.

Huge autonomy

The case of these AirPods is the unique, it allows a perfect wireless charging in a very short time. After being fully charged, the case provides about 30 hours of power for long, trouble-free listening.

The headphones by themselves have an autonomy of 6 hours, with a fast charge that allows you to return to action in minutes. Thanks to Apple technologies, AirPods do not consume so much power, which is why they can provide so many hours of entertainment.

In addition to this, they are the most colorful headphones, with a model that does not go unnoticed and can really be appreciated. Its connection with Apple devices is practically instantaneous, users will not have to bother with bad connections.

HomePod mini

Apple Unleashed Event: Find out about the new devices presented by Apple

This is a device that very few expected, capable of controlling every space in the home, in addition to playing your favorite music. Without a doubt Apple stood out with this surprise, the size, the colors, that futuristic style, everything in this HomePod is completely innovative.

It has 360-degree computational audio, which allows clear, powerful and perfect sound to be emitted from all its angles. If what you love is music you will only need a few of these devices, the sound you will get will be expansive and well-balanced.

Thanks to its small size and shape, the HomePod can be placed anywhere without disturbing it in the least. It is elegant, sophisticated and powerful, it has a backlit touch surface with which the device can be controlled.

It communicates seamlessly with Apple devices, the connection and interaction is instantaneous, as well as incredibly versatile. If the user is listening to music or watching a series and must scroll, they can simply pass the sound to their iPhone and continue listening.

Siri repowered

Apple Unleashed Event: Find out about the new devices presented by Apple

Apple's smart assistant now has a little helper that allows it to come to life and increase its capabilities. With a HomePod in every room in your home, office or business, you can take advantage of Siri's enormous versatility.

Siri can do everything from performing a personalized search to controlling every technological aspect of the home. You can create a shopping list or reminders, send text messages, make and receive calls, and a thousand other things.

Siri can recognize everyone in the family, it recognizes your best friends, and anyone who is allowed to control the HomePod. The limit is six people, but it is more than enough to control a huge number of actions while remaining safe.

Integrated intercom

Apple Unleashed Event: Find out about the new devices presented by Apple

With several devices in each room, users will always be in direct communication. You just need to say the correct command and Siri will take care of transmitting the message to all the devices or only the ones that were selected.

The connection with the iPhone is instantaneous, then you only need your voice to control anything. Sure, Apple never neglected the privacy of its users, as this device is incredibly smart and secure.

If you want to know much more about the new devices presented by Apple, in addition to their prices, we invite you to see their presentation.