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Apple buys AI Music: what is it and what is it for?

Guzmán Leal
4 min read
Apple buys AI Music: what is it and what is it for? – Apple Universe
Apple Music will have artificial intelligence.

In a music market where streaming platforms seek to always offer the best artistic content, differentiation is the key. The latter is a factor that has characterized Apple, a company that has only known the word innovation since its creation.

Specifically, following a first line, Apple Music will have artificial intelligence within its algorithms. It is thanks to the purchase they made last Monday of the startup AI Music, and in this article you will learn everything about it.

Apple: company buys AI Music to revolutionize its music streaming service

According to Bloomberg sources, Apple has decided to immerse itself much more in the subject of artificial intelligence, specifically to improve its services.

As we well know, the tech giant is always at the forefront of technological advances. Everything, in order to offer a better service and performance in each of its devices, for its users.

For this reason, there is talk of buying a small startup that if it had more than 20 employees, it was a lot.

However, the mini company stood out especially for the revolutionary idea they offered, thanks to nothing more and nothing less than artificial intelligence.

Located in London, they would have drawn the attention of the bitten apple, where finally on Monday they would close all the details of their incorporation.

AI Music: What is it? What is it for?

The novelty of AI Music is that behind its success, there is an artificial intelligence algorithm known as the " Infinity Music Engine". In principle, it has the ability to improve the user's music playback experience.

Apple buys AI Music: what is it and what is it for? – Apple Universe
Music on Apple Music will be much more personalized.

Before you think about it, it is not an AI that will recommend songs to you based on your tastes and preferences. That is something that we have had in mind for a long time.

What sets this technology apart is the ability it will have to read the user's biological signals, as long as they have their authorization.

That is, Apple Music will have access to your heart rate, the activity you are doing, your location and even the hours of the day will have an influence.

All that for what? With the aim of modifying the rhythm, genre or style of music you are listening to, so that it is consistent with your activities.

You will even be able to create your own melodies without influencing any copyright problems, which adapt to the user's rhythms.

Apple Fitness +: The most benefited

As we know, Apple's Fitness + service offers music in the application in an integrated way, to carry out the exercise sessions.

Therefore, by integrating artificial intelligence technology, users will be able to enjoy music that is based on heartbeat. Or, failing that, depending on the intensity of the exercise and how it affects our body.

Artificial intelligence: advances in music

The great technological advances continue to be present in the daily life of the human being, where on this occasion they seek to improve their musical experience. It seems that what they are looking for is to prevent the user from wasting time looking for a suitable song for their mood.

In this sense, with artificial intelligence it seems that it will change, allowing you to create a melody according to the biosignals of your body.

Apple buys AI Music: what is it and what is it for? – Apple Universe
Apple Music will be much more accurate thanks to artificial intelligence.

Apple Music, in its attempt to catch up with the great of music streaming, Spotify, seeks to innovate and improve its own platform. In this way, they will reduce the enormous trail of difference in terms of the number of users between the two applications.

Therefore, with the addition of AI Music, it is just one more measure that the user experience is much more in line with their preferences. In this regard, Siavash Mahdavi, CEO of the company, commented in an interview with The Guardian :

Maybe you listen to a song and in the morning it might be a slightly more acoustic version. Maybe that same song, when you play it when you go to the gym, it's a deep house or drum'n'bass version. And at night it's a bit more jazzy. The song can change by itself.”

There is no doubt that, if this technology is incorporated into all music platforms, it will be a revolution in the way we listen to music. Starting mainly with Apple Music with its recent addition.