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Apple MacBooks turn out to be one of the best back-to-school options

Alexa Acosta
5 min read

After a long time out of class, or learning through a computer or a tablet screen, in this year 2021 the return of classes is very close. Which means that many students will start their courses at universities and will need the necessary equipment to get started.

Apple MacBooks turn out to be one of the best back-to-school options

But does a new start to school warrant a new device? Of course yes. The most reliable, portable and versatile tool has arrived to make life easier for new college students. However, many doubt between choosing a laptop or a tablet . What will be the best for you according to your needs? Find out.

What to buy for back to school, MacBook or iPad?

One of the biggest attractions of Apple devices is their performance, their accessibility, and their incredible design. In addition to having constant updates that improve its handling and add new functions continuously.

Even though prices may be higher than those of the competition, they always end up capturing the public's attention and covering all the needs they need. An Apple device is a worthwhile investment in the long run, especially if you buy it for college.

Apple MacBooks turn out to be one of the best back-to-school options

But how do you decide between a MacBook and an iPad? Well, the first thing you should do is consult about the study plan you have chosen. Find out about the subjects, the evaluation points and criteria, the services, software and other tools that will be used for the classes. Why? Because it will determine the device you will need.

For example, in careers such as engineering or architecture, you may need certain software or systems that are only available for computers. In that case, your ideal option would be to go for a MacBook. Even if you need to use a Windows program, with the iPad it would be totally impossible.

On the other hand, despite the fact that the iPad Pro have powerful hardware, the software is sometimes not enough. Even with the new iPads with the iPadOS 15 system, it continues to be a very limited device with shortcomings that are reflected daily in university life.

Apple MacBooks turn out to be one of the best back-to-school options

However, when it comes to distance classes that require video conferencing, research or children's classes, the best option is inclined to be the iPad. In addition, the most notable function and application of the iPad leans towards the artistic world. Especially for the applications found in the IOS store compatible with the Apple Pencil that allows many to let their imaginations fly and create unique designs. It is also a good tool for video editors, writers, or creators of content like podcasts.

So an iPad could be the ideal tool for students inclined towards art, literature, or content creation and editing. For example, graphic design, 3D modeling or professional video editing.

Assess your needs and the capabilities of each computer before deciding

As you have noticed, both device options can be very useful as long as they are used for the proper purpose. The first thing you should do is make a decision regarding your classes, evaluate how you will use the device, and then purchase it depending on your needs.

Even so, many people decide to go for MacBooks since they offer many versatile applications and thanks to their accessibility their field of use has been greatly expanded.

List of best Apple laptops for back to school

1. 13 ”MacBook Air Laptop

This is one of the best Apple computers when it comes to value for money. It is very light, and is ideal for students due to its versatility. Its hardware is very aesthetic and resistant, and it has a thrifty processor that promises hours of good performance.

In addition, it is a laptop that will last you for 12 continuous hours, something surprising for its size. You can find this MacBook Air in the colors gray, silver, and gold.

2. MacBook Pro 13 ”laptop

The pro version stands out above many models, especially for its great autonomy. It also has very strong hardware and very high performance that promises to be with you every time you need it.

When it comes to graphics, speed, and power, this device's CPU is like no other. In addition to that it can give you up to 20 hours of autonomy so that you are never without battery when you need it most.

Apple MacBooks turn out to be one of the best back-to-school options

List of best Apple tablets for back to school

1. iPad 8 10.2 "

This is the cheapest iPad model at Apple, and it turns out to be a feasible option for many students. It offers good performance and autonomy, perfect for taking notes, downloading applications and software to help you in your career and even enjoying games in your free hours.

It is compatible with the first generation Apple Pencil, and offers multiple accessories so you can annotate and create content the way you prefer. It is an ideal size to carry it in a backpack and to use it as a notebook at any time.

2. iPad Air 4

It offers a larger size, hand in hand with better performance that will improve the quality of study for many. It is also a good tool for teachers due to its ability to edit photos and videos. It is ideal for those who need to use various applications and need a device with good performance and speed.

Despite its size, it is quite light and easy to transport. It is an excellent option, especially if you need to use applications simultaneously or specialized software that may be incompatible with other models.