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iOS 15 What does Apple's latest operating system bring us again?

Alexa Acosta
11 min read
iOS 15 What does Apple's latest operating system bring us again?

A few days ago the new operating system for Apple mobile devices came out, and it has undoubtedly brought many new features. This time Apple focused on improving the experience of video calls or digital conferences.

Due to the pandemic, most people have sought to communicate with their colleagues and family through video conferencing. That is why Apple decided to work based on this, here we will show the new functions that iOS 15 brings for Apple devices.

FaceTime, the best of communication experiences

iOS 15 What does Apple's latest operating system bring us again?

Now you wo n't need to stop what you're doing to talk to your friends and family, thanks to FaceTime features. It does not matter if you are watching your favorite series or listening to your best music, you will not need to stop anything to enter a video conference.

Lets watch and listen together

The first thing we find is the new SharePlay, an option that will allow you to share everything you see with your friends and family. If you find yourself watching a movie or series on any streaming system, you can receive a FaceTime call.

Controls and options are synced across the devices of each person on the call, allowing everyone to enjoy in unison. Best of all, the volume will be automatically adjusted so that anyone can comment on what they are watching.

The same happens if a user is listening to their favorite music, not only can it be shared with the other members of the conference. They can also add new themes of their choice, the music is synchronized on all connected devices and everyone can interact.

Big improvement with Spatial Audio

iOS 15 What does Apple's latest operating system bring us again?

If you are in a conference with several people, you can enjoy a more fluid communication, thanks to Spatial Audio. You will be able to pay special attention to the people you are talking to, as the sound will come from their locations on the screen.

You can share what you do

FaceTime allows you to share your screen while you are in a video call or virtual conference. This is undoubtedly a novelty, since you can ask your friends for help in real time, for example, with the purchase of an apartment.

They can even arrange a vacation, together they choose the budget, the place and the transport while one looks for it and shares the screen. Sharing the screen in the middle of a video conference is a functionality that really has infinite potential.

It can be used for both online classes, business meetings of any kind and much more.

Communicate with several people at the same time

iOS 15 What does Apple's latest operating system bring us again?

Communicating with large groups is now much easier thanks to the grid display that FaceTime offers. You will be able to see each member of the conference in squares of the same size, perfectly organized.

These boxes are highlighted the moment the person begins to speak, allowing you to pay much more attention. It feels almost as natural as if people are right in front of you.

In addition to this, you can use a portrait mode, which blurs what is around you, showing only your face.

Control your microphone

The microphone of your device can change the way it perceives the environment, it has three modes. The standard mode is more of the same, the microphone works on a daily basis, while the "voice isolation" mode has a lot to give.

With this second mode, the microphone will focus your voice and reduce the ambient sound almost completely in real time. The third modality is the opposite, the "wide spectrum" allows you to perfectly hear what is happening around you, with incredible accuracy.

Additionally, FaceTime has a simple method with which you can invite your friends and family to a group call. Through a single link, people can enter the conversation with just one touch, regardless of whether they are on Windows or Android.

"It was shared with you" function

iOS 15 What does Apple's latest operating system bring us again?

Now, Safari, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, Apple TV and Photos apps have a “shared with you” section. Where you will find all the images, videos, links and others that people have shared with you.

It even allows you to respond directly from where you are enjoying the content, without the need to leave the app. Besides this, the answers will be much more didactic thanks to the fact that now the "Memojis" are more expressive and personalized.

The images that arrive in your messages can now be organized in a better way, in collage or in easy to explore stacks. With a few simple taps you can add Tapbacks, organize images or save them directly to your photo library.

Apple now helps you focus

iOS 15 What does Apple's latest operating system bring us again?

Thanks to the good use of technology, Apple has managed to create a focus system that will help improve your performance in your various activities. By activating this function you will be able to choose between activities such as driving a car, reading, playing, training, or simply customizing it to your liking.

Once activated, you will receive only the notifications you want or those that are automatically selected. You can finish your activities or occupations without any distractions, in addition to this, you can show your status to alert your contacts that you are busy.

You will be able to notify your contacts about your status, you will have the opportunity to authorize the apps you want to report that you are busy or available. In addition, thanks to the updates in the notifications, you will now find a complete summary of the most important notifications.

Incredible improvements in the details of the Maps app

Now you will not only search for a place, you can also virtually travel to it, and see it with impressive accuracy. The maps, cities and details are made by computer, with a spectacular 3D view, which will make you want to know the world.

In addition to this, the “Safari” application has a much more attractive interface, easy to use and with unique characteristics. You will be able to group search tabs and organize your websites the way you want, without complications.

What stands out the most is undoubtedly the voice navigation, just by pressing a button you can tell your browser what you want to find. The browser will search for it with millimeter precision and will provide you with all the information you want, perfect for driving a car for example.

Live Text

iOS 15 What does Apple's latest operating system bring us again?

New technology implemented by Apple allows the camera to be used to scan posters, pictures, writing and more. The purpose of this is to capture the numbers, emails, symbols and writings in general to take advantage of your information.

This is possible thanks to the artificial intelligence that integrates the Live Text app, or live text, which encodes the image and extracts the content. The user can copy the text, call phone numbers, send emails and much more in a simple and fast way.

A good use for this would be to grab the address of a place, specified in an image, and search for it directly in the map application. A perfect utility so that tourists can quickly locate themselves without having to put aside what they are doing.

Automatic translation

If we talk about tourism, there is no better function than one that allows you to understand any language without problems. Live Text has a function that allows you to translate any text you locate with your device's camera in real time.

Better searches

Now, Spotlight will show you much more complete search results, the information will be detailed and thorough. It also allows you to search your photos, and with Live Text you can search for existing texts in the images.

A better design for your images

The image application now shows a renewed interface, a new look that you will surely love. It is interactive and immersive, you can create and see the memories you want by adding new looks and background songs.

Apple Music also enters this party of memories, if you have a subscription on the platform you can integrate the music you want to your images.

An app that allows you to keep an eye on your health

iOS 15 What does Apple's latest operating system bring us again?

The health app had been quiet in previous updates, but this time it has come up with new options. You have more options to collect necessary data that helps to evaluate your daily life to keep you much healthier.

These options also evaluate risk situations that may cause a drop in health, in addition to understanding the reasons for this. You can share all this information with your loved ones and keep them informed of any event.

Better security measures

Personal safety is important to Apple, which has exponentially improved the security of its devices. It now offers much more information about apps and how they collect data on your device.

Apple protects you from the collection of unwanted data, giving you complete control over what goes out of your device to the web and apps. Provide a complete report on the actions of each application, preventing them from tracking your IP, stealing your information or taking advantage of the permissions you grant.

Protection in your emails

Apple encrypts emails and prevents other people from having access to your personal information, which means that they cannot access your IP. Nor will they be able to link your email to other activities on the web, no one will know when you open or close the received emails, nor will they know your location.

The new iCloud + makes its debut

iOS 15 What does Apple's latest operating system bring us again?

iCloud has always had a very secure interface, now in its new phase it begins to provide new experiences for the user. First of all, it brings much more security, it has the ability to completely hide your email.

Instantly create several completely random email addresses that receive your emails and forward them to your address. In this way, it will not be necessary to share your own information in forms or subscriptions on the web.

Now iCloud also allows you to use a function called "Private Broadcast", which allows you to browse safely within the network. All your information is encrypted and sent to internet relays so that no one can find your information.

Improvements in many applications

iOS 15 What does Apple's latest operating system bring us again?

Finally, Apple added updates to many of its applications for daily use, here we will show what these improvements were:

- Weather App: New interface, much more precise, has weather graphics and you can add various animated backgrounds.

- Accessibility: You can customize the size, color and thickness of the text, as well as that of the screen in the apps you want. You will have new customizable finger signs, with which you can discover the position of people and objects in an image.

- Translate function: Now this function can be found throughout the device, any text that has been selected can be translated. It can even be done in a host of third-party apps.

- Notes App: Great functionalities that increase productivity, it can be organized with labels, make mentions and view activities.

- Apple ID: It integrates a system for account recovery contacts, which makes it much easier to restore the access and password of your account. You will be able to choose someone from your contacts to give them access to your accounts in case something happens to you.

- Find: You and your loved ones will always be reachable at all times, even if your devices are turned off. They can be located even if they have been turned off for more than 20 hours.

- New Widgets: App Store, Contacts, Mail, Game Center and Dream are the widgets that can also be accessed with this update.

We have no doubt that Apple went out of their way to give us everything possible with this update. Focusing on keeping in touch with our loved ones without neglecting the security of their devices.

Now people can share much more information with those close to them without worrying about it getting into the wrong hands. Memories, health, entertainment, communication, all in one compact upgrade for our Apple devices.