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Apple production is hit by China's power restrictions

Alexa Acosta
3 min read
Apple production is hit by China's power restrictions – Apple Universe

It is completely normal for a technology company to be directly affected by the electrical energy that a country provides. While it's not really something that companies expect to happen immediately, they actually hope it never happens.

But it is precisely this situation that is affecting Apple in China, where certain restrictions have been applied to electricity consumption. It is certainly a really big problem, as this company needs a lot of energy to operate properly.

Let's first know the reasons why China has started to apply these restrictions within its country.

Why are there these restrictions in China?

Apple production is hit by China's power restrictions – Apple Universe

At the moment China is going through an immense shortage of raw material, mainly that which is used to generate electricity for its country. This happened after having made a readjustment in its pollutant emissions standards.

In addition to this, a large number of demanding industries raised the price of coal to levels never seen before. They undoubtedly ended up rationing energy consumption throughout the country, wreaking havoc on many companies of all kinds.

This is not really that new, since in several provinces of this country a decrease in electricity supply has been reported since July. China is looking for a way to equitably distribute the energy that is produced without causing blackouts, although it has not been easy.

This is why these restrictions have been made, to ensure what they can, although it has caused many companies to stop their production.

Apple stops production due to these restrictions

Apple production is hit by China's power restrictions – Apple Universe

The apple company has had to stop its production in China due to these restrictions. It has been made clear that this shutdown has been caused by power outages, in addition to the low amount of energy stress that is received.

It is not yet clear how long it will take this country to return the energy power that is needed for Apple to return to its normal production. But without a doubt it implies a complete imbalance in the economy of this company, mainly due to its great demand.

Apple has always kept demand and supply in a perfect balance that allows consumers to purchase these products. But if it falls, the price of Apple devices could rise, or simply fall completely.

The impact it will have on this and other companies cannot really be measured for sure, but it may be better than you think.

What is expected for the future?

Apple production is hit by China's power restrictions – Apple Universe

If this situation is seen from another point of view, we could understand that China seeks to reduce the ecological impact that its country has. These actions could complicate companies that cannot adapt, but Apple is always committed to a greener future.

It will certainly be replenished, just like this country, this could even push humanity into an era where energy is produced without affecting the ecosystem. New ways of producing energy could rule the world faster than is believed, certainly a victory for the future.