The new and revolutionary IMAC 2021

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The new and revolutionary IMAC 2021 – Apple Universe – WebMediums
The new iMac 2021

The New IMAC 2021 is considered a model that took out from stagnation to this range of desktop devices. Users catalog it as a revolution, screen, design, colors and performance. These IMAC models I used to premiere new design for a long time, as they had preserved the same aspect for almost a decade with the exception of a change that suffered in its thickness.

The model of which we enjoy currently has a screen of 11.5 mm thickness. All the components are on the internal part of the equipment, which includes the base of the M1 chip, the six speakers, the camera and its microphones.

This iMac is seen as an engineering and design feat for Apple comes with 7 different colors and two tones each.

IMAC 2021 screen

This new model brings a 24-inch screen, the resolution is 4,480 x 2,520 pixels and a total of 11.3 million pixels. That is, that its resolution is 4.5k slightly above the previous 21.5-inch model.

“Este es el primer dispositivo Mac que se diseñó con el chip M1 originalmente”.

Apart from True Tone, a 500-nits brightness and a series of colors P3, this MAC device has decreased considerably 3 of the 4 frames surrounding the screen.

The new and revolutionary IMAC 2021 – Apple Universe – WebMediums
New iMac 2021 screen

In the bottom part, the chin feature of this machine is maintained, which no longer has the logo of the apple, but if it appears on the flat part.

The new iMac with built-in m1 chip

These Apple Silicon M1 Processors have already proven that they are more than a traditional processor. Due to its innovative architecture, they can provide more power, autonomy and less heat than devicesMacBook AirandMacBook Pro M1. Given that the desktop models do not have the battery restriction and heat dissipation take another course.

The agglutination and miniaturize the components of this chip give it a great leap in terms of design qualities, increasing performance and reducing heat. Which would not have been thought until long ago.

Improvements of the new iMac with respect to the previous model

1. The CPU has 85% more power than the previous model.

2. As for the GPU it has twice as much power.

3. Execute the learning apps automatically with triple efficiency.

The new device contains APPLE DNA

The IMAC is a very important device for the Apple company, since as successor of the Macintosh he was in charge of saving Apple and allowed everything he was going to come afterwards.

“Mr. Steve Jobs was completely sure that Apple's success was going to depend on this iMac model”.

This new iMac contains all the Apple DNA. It is the only product that has been selling since 1998 to the present, and although 10 years passed for updating its design, it remains the starting point of the entire MAC devices series.

Unboxing is completely new

The box is the first change that was performed, since it is very far from the trapeze form of previous models and currently has a rectangle shape and is much more comfortable to transport. You have some details that are very interesting, for example: the clamping handle has the same color that was chosen for the Mac, made with braided nylon.

The innovative design of the box is made for the separation of the sides, and these are opened by the lower part without having to touch it. In the central part, the front of the iMac is covered with a protection that has written the word hello in English, which was drawn in the adhesive that serves as protection to the screen.

The new and revolutionary IMAC 2021 – Apple Universe – WebMediums
iMac 2021 with unboxing new

When you extract it from the box, the first thing you notice is that it is very light and thin. It has 4.46 kg and 1.15 cm deep. But that's not all, when you see the accessories you realize that it comes with the Magic Keyboard and the Magic Mouse, and the USB-C cable to Lightning to charge them.

The magnetic cable that feeds the computer is anchored to a charger that is used to connect the RJ45 Ethernet cable.The new iMac has such a thin thickness that was chosen to include it to disappear an more cable from the table.

It also includes the current connector that adapts to the country and that connects to the charger, plus the welcome documents and how it should be running, all the legal information and the color stickers of apple that you chose for your iMac.

Miniaturization is one of the virtues present in this new iMac. If you consider it as a monitor is only quite thin. In fact, it is so thin that Apple had to put the 3.5-inch audio jack on the left side, because to put it on the back, the screen had traversed.

This new design is surprising. If you see it on your side, it is almost imperceptible, because your reduction is almost 50%. That is, it is half of the previous model with a smaller screen, which comes with more inches and is more powerful.

Apple took into account having included the energy and thermal efficiency of the M1 processors. For example, the CPU, GPU and other components are no longer separated from the motherboard as it occurred in the previous models. Rather, they are included in the M1 SOC, so it is not required to have more space for the use of much smaller fans.

“ The purpose of this original iMac is to get a machine attractant to the user, but reducing technology when we started to use it”.

This was always the goal that Mr. Steve Jobs had in his mind, not only with the original IMAC G3 and Macintosh, that is, a device with technology decreased to the least and very well designed so that it could disappear to the Start your use.