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Do you like Apple TV + series? Here's a look at his new series "Invasion"

Alexa Acosta
3 min read
Do you like Apple TV + series? Here's a look at his new series "Invasion"

Apple TV + increasingly surprises us as streaming, its new inclusion is a science fiction series that really promises. We had the opportunity to see its first episodes this Friday, October 22, when it was launched for the first time by the apple platform.

We have first-hand knowledge about the upcoming episodes, as well as the possible plot that will be shown in this series. According to the co-creator, "Invasion" is highly influenced by the famous movie called "The War of the Worlds."

She is not only influenced by this film, but also by Orson Welles' old radio play, which caused controversy around the world. The creators of Invasion seek to recreate the mass hysteria that occurred when listening to this radio program announcing an alien invasion.

In their series, they seek to capture something much more real, a situation where all humanity must make hasty decisions as the same race. The problems and conflicts that would exist between different nations, and presidents who would act impulsively making decisions that could end the planet.

What solutions would humanity seek in a situation like this? Would everyone agree? It's something to think about. This is not a series that resembles any other, it seeks to reflect the reality of our lives, with a situation that is undoubtedly probable in reality.

How is the theme of this series?

Do you like Apple TV + series? Here's a look at his new series "Invasion"

It is a science fiction series that tells the story of a huge number of people around the world. They are all basically in the same situation, their planet is being attacked by extraterrestrial beings, which creates a kind of war.

In each part of the world and with each character the story takes a turn, each life and experience is different which is striking in this series. They have a monstrous cast, something that in other series causes a complete disaster, bad actors, scattered stories and more.

But in this peculiar case it is very different, both the development of the characters and the actors themselves are wonderful. It promises to have an exciting and unusual ending, something that is sure to catch the Apple TV + audience.

When will the next chapters be released?

As established, after having released its first chapters, the following ones would be posted on the platform on a weekly basis. According to the producers, it is expected to upload seven chapters at a time, which will keep the audience expectant and excited at all times.

It is believed that this series will become one of the biggest successes for the apple platform, since it has everything it takes to do so. The way the producers of this series think is fascinating, it's worth watching to see how far it could go.

If you have not seen "Invasion" yet, we invite you to see its official trailer from our website.