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Everything we know about the iPhone 13 and its launch

Andy Vilchez
6 min read
Everything we know about the iPhone 13 and its launch – Apple Universe

The launch of the iPhone 13 is just around the corner, those of Cupertino already have a date and it is closer than you imagine. This will be presented at the next Apple Event to be held this September. As is customary, each year Apple celebrates this event in which it presents its novelties. The new version of its iOS 15 operating system is also expected to be presented. This would have a large number of new features compared to its predecessor. If you want to know all the details and what is known about this new iPhone, read on. In this article, we will tell you all the information that we have so far about this new Apple flagship.

The iPhone 13 release date

Apple already has everything ready for the new Apple Event which is scheduled for September 14. The event begins at 10:00 am Pacific time and can be seen in streaming around the world. This event that Apple holds every year is intended to present the company's new developments. And, of course, what is most striking is the presentation of the new iPhone 13. Which has all the fans of the brand on the lookout. And it is not for less, since this new model will include some news that are quite interesting.

What will be the price of this new iPhone model?

So far, it is not known exactly what the starting price of this team will be. However, based on the starting prices of previous models, we can have an estimate. The starting price of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 was 809 euros in the most basic model. It must also be taken into account that, according to what has been known, the company expects to maintain the price of the equipment. Therefore, we can expect that the price of the iPhone 13 will be the same or that it will have a very small variation. In any case, it is also important to mention that there has been what is known as the “semiconductor crisis”. And this is something that has affected the prices of all electronic equipment and Apple is no exception. So it should come as no surprise that the price is slightly higher. In any case, we will have to wait for the launch to really know what the price of this equipment will be.

What models will the new iPhone 13 have?

Everything we know about the iPhone 13 and its launch – Apple Universe

As has been known, the new iPhone 13 will have the same variants as the iPhone 12 launched in 2020. That is, we will have the mini, standard, Pro and Pro Max versions. As for the sizes of the screens, we have this new iPhone we have the following:

iPhone 13 mini : the smallest version of this iPhone will feature a 5.4-inch screen.

iPhone 13 : This is the standard version and its size would be 6.1 inches.

iPhone 13 Pro : the Pro version of this equipment will have a screen exactly the same as the standard version, 6.1 inches.

iPhone 13 Pro Max : being the most expensive and powerful version of this equipment, we will see an increase in size. This screen will amount to 6.7 inches.

Importantly, these sizes have been leaked by DSCC founder Ross Young. This is a very reliable source, however, it will not be until launch that the actual size of the screens is confirmed.

Some features that are known about the new iPhone 13

According to a series of leaks, we have been able to know some of the characteristics that these teams will have. We have information regarding cameras, battery, capacity and connectivity. Next, we will tell you everything we know so far.


Everything we know about the iPhone 13 and its launch – Apple Universe

Another feature that has been leaked from these new equipment is the design of the cameras. According to the image that has been leaked on the networks, this team would have the cameras diagonally. However, in the more expensive versions, they would be in the same position as in the iPhones 12 Pro and Pro Max. Regarding the characteristics of the sensors that the iPhone 13 will incorporate, it is expected that there will not be too many differences with respect to the iPhone 12. However, at least in the Pro and Pro Max models it is expected that there will be some improvements in this sensor. Likewise, it is expected that there will be important improvements in the ultra wide angle. This would include a larger sensor to be able to capture much more light. Generally speaking, the changes won't be that significant, but we can expect a great camera as usual.


One of the biggest novelties in this section is that the new iPhone model will not have a charging port. The iPhone 13 will have MagSafe wireless charging technology that we had already seen in the iPhones 12. This is a rumor that we can check this September 14 at the launch of the new iPhone.

Storage capacity

In the storage section, we have that the iPhone 13 mini and the iPhone 13 will have capacities of 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. For its part, the Pro and Pro Max versions will have 256 GB and 512 GB. Although according to rumors it is possible that we see an iPhone 13 with 1 TB of storage. This latest rumor comes from the hand of Jon Prosser, an expert in Apple devices and has already leaked features on several occasions.

5G technology

Much has been made of 5G on the new iPhones and all models are expected to be 5G capable. As it has been known, these models would include Qualcomm's X60 5G modem. So, we have that even the cheapest models would have this technology.


Obviously, the best Apple team must have the latest software, which is why it will have iOS 15. Apple's new operating system and the most advanced so far that will be released along with this new device.