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How much does the chip shortage affect Apple?

Ramiro Guzman
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How much does the chip shortage affect Apple? – Apple Universe – WebMediums
The popular "manzanita" house maintains its stability even in the global shortage of chips

As is well known, the company Apple is considered the main technological terminal in the world, it designs and produces electronic equipment and software.

Each product launched is rapidly trending worldwide. In a matter of a short time, it becomes a resounding success. And, throughout history, especially in recent years, it has been preserved like this.

With all this Apple has also gone through difficult times. It is no secret to anyone what has been happening with the production of chips.

Many manufacturers have been affected by this problem and the "manzanita" company is no exception.

Where does the possible problem come from?

For the most part, chip manufacturing takes place on the Asian continent with the exception of a few that are manufactured elsewhere.

Productivity was initially affected by the pandemic; time where people began to be demanding with electronic devices.

Therefore, the situation translated into the need to obtain devices such as iPad, iPhone, iMac, among others. However, the health crisis, the confinement and the stoppage of activities due to the quarantine, made it difficult to meet the objectives.

Will Apple be able to escape this adversity?

At the end of 2021, it was not only facing a shortage of chips, but also problems with component suppliers.

Although there is no financial danger to Apple yet, its competitors could take advantage of such a vulnerability. Even so, the Silicon Valley giant is known to never falter in the face of adversity, creating important marketing strategies.

While some companies were forced to cut production or close, Apple handled the crisis excellently. Through long-term agreements with component suppliers, as well as good accounting in their shares and income, they consolidated their stock market power.

How much does the chip shortage affect Apple? – Apple Universe – WebMediums
The iPhone 13 was the best-selling mobile device in China during the end of 2021

It means that you have the priority of the distributors or suppliers of components in the face of any eventuality. Financial deals that will allow Apple to continue announcing and releasing high-end devices throughout 2022.

Paradoxically, chip shortages and other manufacturing snags created a favorable effect for Apple. Although clearly the industry in general suffered the consequences, many users began to trust the "manzanita".

Above all, the Chinese population was the one that left the most revenue in its coffers at the end of last year 2021. Enough profit to weigh the adversities in terms of productivity.

What does Tim Cook say about the situation?

Apple has not commented on the crisis despite the shortage of chips, still waiting to know if it will end at some point. For now, the level of productivity does not seem to stop in the vicinity of the brand.

The head in charge, Tim Cook, specified that more than 70,000 million dollars were obtained in the commercialization of its iPhones. An astronomical figure that further consolidates the aforementioned paradoxical effect theory.

Amid the uncertain outlook, Cook also specified the shares experienced stock market growth. At the same time, the culmination of the balance in 2021 established cash for 124,000 million dollars. Of that amount, net income was around $35 billion.

Tim Cook said : "It's gratifying to see the response from customers around the world at a time when being connected has been more important."

The magnate thanks, then, the loyalty that the client has shown towards his products. Even when the world picture still looks gray, Apple's administration and management perseveres exemplarily above many.

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¿Qué tanto afecta la escasez de chips a Apple?
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