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The iOS 15.4 operating system already points to the latest from Apple

Ramiro Guzman
7 min read
The iOS 15.4 operating system already points to the latest from Apple
The beta version of iOS 15.4 brings excellent news for Apple users

The iOS 15.4 operating system has already been officially released in its beta version by the developers. As soon as the iOS 15.3 edition was tested, you quickly get a glimpse of what your update will be.

If Apple has something, it is that it is always innovating. It is not for nothing that it is the main stock market company within the framework of mobile devices, offering the highlights to its users.

What's new with the iOS 15.4 operating system?

iOS 15.4 beta edition is the latest title corresponding to the famous Apple operating system. A large part of your devices will benefit from it, pending the release of the full version.

Meanwhile, those who have been able to access with developer profiles have already checked their news. A range is full of striking qualities that makes the difference with respect to all iOS 15 versions.

Face ID is updated

The couple "iOS 15.4 Face ID" is the main attraction of everything that the new operating system brings with it. With new security protocols, facial biometric authentication ups the ante in functionality.

To put in context, with the arrival of the pandemic and the use of masks, the cybersecurity mechanism suffered a malfunction. Users could not traditionally unlock the mobile device due to the interference that the mask symbolizes.

Now with iOS 15.4, Face ID will recognize key points not only on the face but also on the eyes. By activating the mask recognition option, you will implement a different type of identification that will be based on what has been described above. Staring intently, it will upgrade to this awesome ability.

Expansion of the "Universal Control"

The last Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC, for its acronym in English) introduced the "Universal Control." A premise that provides the ability to control iMac, iPad, or any Apple device of that caliber with just a cursor or mouse (mouse).

The iOS 15.4 operating system already points to the latest from Apple
Universal Control is a technology that is coming strong now in the iOS 15.4 beta.

In general, it is an innovative technology where, due to the proximity of the mentioned terminals, it will be possible. When you move the iMac's cursor in the direction of an iPad, it will appear on the iPad's screen.

Basically, the operation is simple, where the cursor or arrow detects the movement towards the other device. In this way, you can move showing off the news of the new iOS 15.4.

In other words, the user will be able to control several products at the same time with a single cursor. And not only that but enjoy all its abilities such as selecting, dragging and moving files from one desktop to another.

Revamped Core Animation

The iPhone 13 Pro is the most powerful terminal when it comes to Core Animation. Its dimensions, screen, and processor allow you to run all kinds of multimedia content in general.

However, a small bug or glitch was detected in his normal aptitude. A problem that was quickly corrected with the recent iOS update, now being able to enjoy full 120 Hz in applications.

Emoji library

Another peculiarity that is always a trend of Apple and its operating system is the emojis. The company surprises the public with the gradual incorporation of novel copies that enliven the meaning of instant messaging.

The iOS 15.4 operating system already points to the latest from Apple
The new emoji pack is one of the most complete that Apple has launched compared to the past.

In this opportunity, more than 30 of them are reported and added with an immense variability. Each and every overall superiorly eye-catching, precision-polished.

AirPods charging

Although it may not seem like a particular novelty, the reality is that it is updated as such. Initially, the charge of the AirPods is shown with a Pop-Up in a variety of Apple terminals. However, it was not specific with each headset.

Paraphrasing, now the modality in question shows the charge level of both the right and left earphones. The reason is that it can happen that one is downloaded more than the other. Therefore, it is convenient to individualize each one for a better perspective.

Pandemic Control

The pandemic has become the day-to-day of humanity, also influencing technology. Processes associated with it, such as vaccination, are also studied and taken into account for progress towards resolving the current alarming state of health.

For this reason, iOS 15.4 incorporates an option in the Health application and the iPhone Wallet. In each of them, the user will be able to register their health and/or vaccination certificates to have a backup of them without any inconvenience.


The Apple Card is an initiative promoted by the company to facilitate transactions related to its devices and operating system. It is available exclusively in the United States, participating as a credit system for transactions in Apple Pay.

The system is reinforced with the arrival of iOS 15.4, raising its practicality in itself. The home screen will now indicate the current balance of the virtual card, benefiting its more accurate handling. Consequently, the user will have better access and vision of it.

Other features added and/or reworked with iOS 15.4

The 7 properties described above are the mainstay of what is featured in the new operating system. Even so, it was found that they are not the only ones to take into account, but that they do not cause so much media commotion. They, as such, are the following:

  1. iCloud Keychain will let you add notes for any occasion.

  2. Automations and their notifications can be configured for your convenience.

  3. From Apple ID, the creation of custom domains for iCloud on any Apple device will be encouraged.

  4. The share menu gets a fresh look and adds the Share Play button.

  5. You will have an audio quality with a higher level in screenshots and Apple TV.

The iOS 15.4 operating system already points to the latest from Apple
iOS 15.4 is full of firsts that will be tested in its beta model

In the absence of official confirmation or clear guidance, other features are expected to be mentioned as well. At the moment, we will have to wait a while until the extended version of iOS 15.4 can see the light.

How can you download the beta version of this operating system?

The beta version is only available for developer profiles. If good sounds like something important, it is possible to get one for iPhone or iPad respectively.

For years, the Beta Profiles platform has shared download links to get one. Although it is not, something approved by Apple, its veracity is proven when it comes to work. Even so, strict caution and precautions are recommended before anything else.

The acquired profile will appear in the Settings section of the chosen terminals. Pressing the same, it will be activated and installed and then restarted.

When the restart time is up and the home page appears, proceed to the next step. Showing off the path "Settings> General> Software Update", iOS 15.4 beta will be accommodated.

It should be noted that, being a beta model, it is prone to specific test errors. At the same time, it is important to remember that iOS 15 onwards is available for iPhone SE (first generation) onwards.