The MacBook you should buy this year 2021

Fermín Díaz
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Regarding the range of laptops we have the 13 "and 16" MacBook Pro. We already have the 13 ”MacBook Pro with M1 chip configuration. The 16 ”MacBook Pro is not yet with the M1 chip configuration. The 24 "iMac that Apple has just launched is also available with an Intel version and the 27" iMac. Then we also have the professional range, as is the case with the Mac Pro. These are the devices that Apple is currently marketing.


Now, first you have to ask yourself the big key question: What do we need, a desktop or a laptop? What kind of work do we need it for? Many people use their laptop, they connect it to a monitor and thus you have a laptop that you take anywhere and another computer with which you can work at home simply by connecting it via HDMI to a monitor of the resolution you want and of the quality that you want. you want.

There are other users who are more inclined towards the desktop model at home and if they need to work with a laptop outside, they usually turn to the M1 that have a great autonomy.

The MacBook Pro 13 "

There are those who would discard any laptop that has an Intel chip. The reason is that a laptop is a computer that you are going to take anywhere and you want it to give you autonomy without having to worry about the charger.

Unfortunately, Intel computers, as you start using high-performance apps, such as the MacBook Pro with an Intel chip, are likely to run out of battery.

MacBook Pro 13 "

This is an important point especially if you have to work in mobility. Well, if you have a laptop and you have to work with it attached to a power adapter, then what difference does it have with an iMac?

Therefore, the most recommended is the MacBook Pro 13 ", well above the MacBook Pro 16".

The importance of rumors

Keep in mind that rumors are loud, sometimes it is advisable to wait a while to make a determination on whether what you are looking for is a laptop.

"Rumors can be your allies to help you find the Mac you really need."

Therefore, if you are looking for a laptop that gives you guarantees, with an Apple chip, with the advantages that you have energetically speaking and also in terms of performance, we recommend that you wait for Apple to make a move. If it doesn't, then we recommend that you buy the MacBook Pro.

What to say about the iMac 24 "and iMac 27"

Now, if you had thought about a desktop, you already know that Apple is launching the 24 ”range, and that according to some reviews that have been made, it practically confirms the experience that users who have an M1 chip already have. The experience of having the M1 on a 24 ”screen is fantastic, in fact, everyone is saying it.

iMac 24 "

It is true that, when talking about desktop, there are users who have it focused to make use of applications.

So on this topic of the desktop, we recommend you make a decision as soon as possible. If you don't need to use applications that require Windows, you should hurry up and buy the most powerful iMac with an Intel chip.

Because buying a Mac is not like buying an iPhone, if you don't like it, you can change it after a year or two. When you go to buy a computer, you focus on a purchase that you hope to pay off in the next 4-6 years.

iMac 27 "

So the advice we give you is that if you want an iMac where you can use Windows in a native way, without emulation, without intermediaries and that your experience is as optimal as possible, decide on an Intel. Because with this, Intel desktop chips do not have the disadvantage that laptops have.

Intel's desktop chips aren't going to have that warming disadvantage, because iMac's ventilate so much better. They will not have that disadvantage of autonomy that laptops do have, and because they are larger, the heating issue is not something that is very worrying.

iMac 24 ”vs. iMac 27 "

Even the M1 can be more affordable, because at this time they are cheaper, as is the case with the iMac 24 "and the iMac 27". But we recommend that if you are going to put Intel, go to the largest you can, the most powerful processor configuration you can, the most powerful graphics configuration you can. As for memory, you can save costs and exchange it on your own.

The iMac 27 ”have removable RAM memory, that is, you can buy memories at Amazon or in specialized stores and be able to change them yourself and you will surely save a lot of money.

Between the MacBook Air and the MacBook M1 today, we recommend the MacBook Air. If you consider yourself a fan of having the latest Apple technology on the market. In fact, comparisons have been made between the two models and the differences between the two M1s are not so great, the chip is practically the same. You can buy the MacBook Air with 8 CPU cores, although you should already know that there is a slightly cheaper variant that has a GPU core capped.

MacBook Air M1

If we talk about autonomy, the MacBook Pro has a little more autonomy. The estimated duration that separates them, in theory, is two hours. The tag bar theme is not an added value either, because it is something that is not used much.

Therefore, we recommend that you save that money and buy a MacBook Air M1 over a MacBook Pro M1. More than anything because the MacBook does not have added advantages just for being Pro, it is more you can not connect it to external GPUs and things like that. So it remains limited, because the limitation is at the chip level and not the body.

What to say about the Mac Mini?

Although the Mac Mini is very capable and also has the M1 chip, it is considered to be Apple's ugly duckling because in the end you have to buy more accessories from them. Normally he has a starting price, but then you have to add the price of the monitor, price of the mouse, etc.

If your monitor doesn't have built-in speakers, you would also have to buy speakers from it. In short, it is a computer that only gives you the basics and in the end that will make the price more expensive. So instead of spending all that money on accessories, it would be better to invest in a 24 ”iMac.

Mac Mini 2021

Therefore, if you plan to buy a laptop, we recommend that you go for the MacBook Air, due to the processor and above all for autonomy. We would recommend the MacBook Pro to you, if and only if it undergoes a renewal for a higher power range.

As for the Mac Mini, you better ditch it. At the desktop level, if Windows is not a necessity for you, we recommend the 24 ”iMac that Apple has recently introduced.

But if you still have a certain dependency on Windows, and you doubt that the applications you need will be able to be used optimally and natively in MacOS, we recommend that you buy the most powerful iMac with Intel processor that you can and that you enjoy it for the following 3-5 years. That maybe it is the time you have needed for these applications to be fully operational on MacOS

Recommendations for a student.

If you are a college student and need to take your computer anywhere, we recommend a MacBook Air. If you are a programmer who usually works at home, we recommend an iMac, especially leaning more towards the Intel iMac. Because having the green light to use Windows and MacOS interchangeably.

At the level of graphic design, photography, among other things. We recommend the M1 chips, over the MacBook Pro in terms of graphic performance it is a little higher than the MacBook Air, especially since the Air version does not have fans, which limits the cooling of the equipment and therefore the graphic performance that you require.

If we talk about video editing, which is a profession that is making a lot of sense. The time has not yet come to upgrade to a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro with an M1 chip. Mainly due to the absence of ports, we believe that there could be one more port. Above all, also because of the ability to connect them to external GPUs that can give you better graphics performance.

A good time is the renewal expected of the MacBook Pro with more memory capacity, greater graphics capacity, better GPU capacity and possibly with the ability to connect them to external GPUs for more graphics performance.

If you need the computer right now, we recommend the Intel desktop computer, because they are not so limited in terms of graphics performance and especially because many applications that video professionals such as Adobe, for example, can use, are not yet 100% adapted to the RM architecture of the M1 and also many video editor extensions are not 100% compatible with M1.

Which MacBook should you buy?


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