The new iPad Pro of 2018

Power and beauty in a single device, Apple has done it again.

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The new iPad Pro of 2018 – Apple Universe – WebMediums

Apple has just announced in the Keynote of New York celebrated in the Brooklyn Music Academy, the new ones iPad Pro of 2018.

As we had already anticipated in a analysis of the beta code iOS 12.1 Beta, the new iPad Pro integrates Face ID together with a design with reduced frames.

These new iPad integrate the Chip A12X Bionic, these chips make these iPads a beast in speed and performance.

The new iPad Pro of 2018 – Apple Universe – WebMediums
iPad Pro 2018

New design and the inclusion of Face ID

These are the highlights of these new iPad Pro of 2018.

This new generation of iPads has two sizes.

  • iPad Pro 2018 11-inch.

  • iPad Pro 2018 12.9 inches.

The inclusion of Face ID in this case has not caused the famous notch of the iPhone Xapple has reduced the frames but not as much as it did when they first included this technology in the iPhone X thus avoiding having the famous and much criticized notch.

Apple maintains the aluminum body of the iPad.

Face ID will have to be configured vertically but once configured you can use it both horizontally and vertically.

USB-C connector

As we discussed the new iPad Pro 2018 they incorporate the connector USB-C. In this way the cable Lightning passes to a better life and Apple continues its path towards USB-C. You can charge the iPhone from this new port and connect other monitors.

Without OLED screen

This new generation includes the screen Liquid Retina, this type of screen is LCD (Liquid Crystal Arduino), it seems that Apple has not managed to make the leap to the screens OLED, a small but if it fits for this wonderful tablet, the screen Liquid Retina that incorporate these iPad uses the same technology as iPhone XR.

The new iPad Pro of 2018 – Apple Universe – WebMediums

Bionic A12X chip the new core of the iPad

The new processor that incorporates these iPads, is the Chip A12X Bionic which are the ones that will incorporate 2018 iPhone with 7nm processes.

The new iPad Pro of 2018 – Apple Universe – WebMediums
CPU and new GPU of the iPad Pro 2018
Integrates a GPU designed by Apple with 7 cores and the CPU has 8 cores.

Price and availability of the new iPad Pro 2018

From now you can book the new devices presented by Apple.

The base prices of each size respectively are as follows:

  • iPad Pro 2018 11-inch: $ 799 or 879 euros

  • iPad Pro 2018 12.9 inches: $ 999 or 1.099 euros

From November 7 begin to arrive reservations made by the first customers, so if you're interested in this wonderful new generation of iPads hurry up before the stock runs out and you have to wait for your new iPad Pro.

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El nuevo iPad Pro de 2018
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