Ultimate beta of iOS 12.1 exposes the existence of Face ID in the iPad Pro

It seems that the new iPad Pro integrates Face ID

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Has been speculating with the incorporation of face ID on the iPad Pro since the iPhone X i integrate it. Now come to light, new details of the latest beta of iOS 12.1 confirms the existence of this system on the iPad. Currently none iPad supports this system.

Ultimate beta of iOS 12.1 exposes the existence of Face ID in the iPad Pro

Details of Face ID on the iPad Pro

Since the launch of the first beta of iOS 12.1 it was discovered in September that this version would support the identification of faces both horizontally and vertically.

9to5Mac earlier this month, he assured us that this fall we would see up to four new iPad Pro models with Face ID.

Guilherme Rambo, shows in your account Twitter a part of the code of iOS 12.1 in which we can see texts about the configuration of Face ID on an iPad:

The operation of Face ID on the iPad, according to this piece of code, it will be similar to how it does on iPhones:

1 - Lift the iPad. 2 - Lift and rotate the iPad to put it vertically. 3 - Turn the iPad to put it vertically. 4 - Face ID must be vertical for the first recognition. Once the Face ID is configured, it will work in both vertical and horizontal modes. 5- You can configure it later in settings.

This piece of code makes it clear that it is a iPad with Face ID. This piece of code does not mention the acronym "Pro", so apparently we are facing a basic "iPad".

First big changes since its launch

Ultimate beta of iOS 12.1 exposes the existence of Face ID in the iPad Pro
"Person typing by Apple Pencil on iPad in a room" by Suganth null on Unsplash

The iPad Pro was launched for the first time in October 2015 and he has only had one update in June 2017since the launch, the iPad has not evolved much and has remained with the initial concept of this terminal. The recent rumors that revolve around the iPad Pro indicate a very important generation leap for the apple device.

At the moment only aspects of the hardware of these new devices are known.

This incorporation of Face ID force the disappearance of the fingerprint sensor (Touch ID) and the obvious reduction of screen frames.

The rumoners suggest that will have a USB-C connector, which is designed to connect to external screens.

This version of the iPad will incorporate the Bionic A12X processor.