Keynote today October 30 in New York

Today at 10 o'clock in the morning New York time the event will be held.

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Keynote today October 30 in New York – Apple Universe – WebMediums

Just a few hours ago Apple confirmed the availability for today's new great iOS 12 update, the version 12.1, now plays the Keynote where new developments are expected.

Manzana and their "keynotes" they never stop having expectations, the truth is that the company of the apple is an expert in attracting the public, for something the company is most valued in the world.

Is keynote that carries the slogan "There's more in the making" promises to bring joys to Apple users in the form of new devices renewed as the iPad Pro, new accessories or even new Macbook Pro, let's hope that Apple prepares us for today.

The enclosure where will celebrate the event is the Brooklyn Music Academy, which is found as is evident in New York the capital of the world.

Keynote today October 30 in New York – Apple Universe – WebMediums

Keynote schedules

Apple's keynote hours depending on the territory in which you find yourself are the following:

  • East Coast of the USA (EDT): 10:00.

  • West Coast of the USA: 7:00.

  • Colombia: 9:00.

  • Mexico: 8:00.

  • Spain: 15:00.

  • Spain, Canary Islands: 14:00.

  • Venezuela: 10:00.

  • Tokyo, Japan: October 30 at night

New York is again hosting an Apple presentation for years.

Enjoy the event
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Keynote hoy 30 de octubre en Nueva York
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