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These are the news that Apple could bring this 2022

Andy Vilchez
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These are the news that Apple could bring this 2022 – Apple Universe
New Apple equipment that could be coming.

Apple is one of those companies that year after year is responsible for keeping all its fans and the entire technology community on the lookout. There is still time for the company to announce the new devices and news that it will bring for this year.

However, this is not an impediment to speculate, in addition, some of those teams that may appear throughout the year are already known. It is for this reason that today we are going to talk to you about the most anticipated Apple devices for this year 2022.

Apple's most anticipated devices

Apple is a fairly predictable company, since each year it launches almost the same equipment, except with a few differences. During this year, the trend seems to continue, so these are the most anticipated apple company teams.

1. iPhone 14

These are the news that Apple could bring this 2022 – Apple Universe
As expected, this year we will have a new member of the iPhone family.

As expected, the new iPhone is one of the most anticipated devices this year. The company already left us a good taste in our mouths a few months ago with the iPhone 13 and the expectations for the iPhone 14 are quite high.

There are already several rumors of the news that this new team could include. And it is that, according to the leaks, this will have a great aesthetic change. One of the main changes is that this team may not include a notch.

Even, as it has been known, it is possible that this new iPhone also includes a camera with the possibility of recording in 8K.

2.Apple Watch Series 8

These are the news that Apple could bring this 2022 – Apple Universe
The new Apple Watch would include some new features.

Like every year, fans are waiting for a new Apple Watch update. The last model was already a success and included a large number of improvements, but everything seems to indicate that Apple is preparing a surprise.

Technology advances and new smartwatches increasingly point to health-related benefits. There has been talk that this new team would go even further in this direction and include some impressive features.

Some rumors suggest that this new version of the Apple Watch would include the ability to measure glucose. But not only that, but it would be able to do it without needing to puncture the user. Without a doubt, a really interesting feature.

3.M2 chip

These are the news that Apple could bring this 2022 – Apple Universe
A new update of this processor could be very close.

Apple's M1 chips have become a legend, these processors have allowed the company to get the most out of their equipment. According to some leaks, it is possible that during this year we will see the brand's new chip, that is, the M2.

There is not much information about it, however, something is clear and that is that an update to this processor would cause a furor among fans. In addition, this would boost the sale of the new equipment to those who are always looking for the best possible performance.

So far this is speculation as the company has not said anything and these are not released every year. However, everything seems to indicate that we can see this new processor this year.

4. A new Mac Mini

These are the news that Apple could bring this 2022 – Apple Universe
Apple's cheapest equipment.

The Mac Mini was one of the biggest surprises of last year, a small team and an affordable price allowed many people to join the Apple family. From that moment, users were already waiting for what Apple would surprise them with.

This team, as expected, became a success and, accompanied by the M1 chip, Apple managed to get the best out of this team. Everything seems to indicate that this 2022 we will see a new update of this team which may include some interesting improvements.

If the M2 chip is released, it is likely that this will be one of the first computers to include it, which would guarantee another success for this low-cost, high-performance model.

5. AirPods Pro 2

These are the news that Apple could bring this 2022 – Apple Universe
The new version of one of the most popular headphones could be close.

Another of the most anticipated gadgets of this al are the AirPods Pro 2. This is the new generation of Apple's most advanced headphones. Although no major changes are expected, at least in the aesthetic section, new internal improvements are expected.

As it has been known, it is possible that the company launches new codecs that allow to achieve a better audio quality. These are one of the most advanced headphones currently on the market and that is why fans of the brand have high expectations for these headphones.


These are the news that Apple could bring this 2022 – Apple Universe
Apple Glass is expected to launch this year, but it will most likely be in 2023.

This is a somewhat controversial gadget, although there is no evidence that Apple is developing these glasses, there are patents. Although the rumors about this gadget are nothing new, the truth is that they are getting stronger.

So far, no one knows if this gadget will be available this year, however, it would be a very interesting company bet. According to existing patents, we could be facing mixed reality glasses with eye tracking technology.

There is even talk that they can have a resolution of up to 8K, which would be an ideal complement for the iPhone 14.

7. 27-inch iMac

These are the news that Apple could bring this 2022 – Apple Universe
The 27-inch iMac is one of the brand's most beloved computers.

Another of the teams in which we could see improvements this year would be the 27-inch iMac. This is one of the most emblematic equipment of the entire brand and one of the best sellers. This new equipment could include the M2 chip if it is available before launch.

If this is not available, it could bring the M1 Pro or M1 Max chip. As for the design, we have that the team would maintain the same design as the 24-inch iMac. So, a priori, in this section we would not see big changes.

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Estas son las novedades que podría traer Apple este 2022
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