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Alejandro Fernández announced the dates for his tour on Latin America 2022

Luis Rafael
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Alejandro Fernández announced the dates for his tour on Latin America 2022
Alejandro Fernández announced the dates for his tour of Latin America 2022

The Mexican singer-songwriter recently reported that he is making the final preparations for the return of his tour, which is called " Made in Mexico "; where he will present his most recent songs and his iconic anthems.

In addition, he decided to announce the following dates of his presentations and the countries in which he will be.

Fernández will return to the stage with the comeback of his tour in Latin America. In addition, he informed that the pre-sale of his next show will be active from February 17 on the Eticket website.

Alejandro Fernández announces a new show for March

After facing the death of his father ' Vicente Fernández ' he had to postpone the dates of his tour while he recovered.

However, on February 15th, he reported that his next show will be scheduled for March 24th in the city of Bogotá, Colombia.

This will be the first show of his 2022 " Made in Mexico" tour that will mark the return of one of the idols of the ranchera to the stage after the period of confinement due to the pandemic. This will be the first destination of a great tour that will run through more than 15 countries.

It is worth mentioning that the Mexican will be sharing the stage with the band " MS de Sinaloa " on the same night of March 24 in Bogotá.

What songs will Alejandro Fernández present on his tour?

It is important to mention that Alejandro Fernández reported that throughout his tour he will be performing the songs of his most recent promotional singles that belong to his most recent album called " Made in Mexico " as well as his tour.

Among the most iconic songs that he will perform are: 'Caballero', 'Te olvidé', 'Nuestra Gran Secreto' and 'Más no puede', which have become the most listened to songs on Spotify playlists in Mexico and YouTube.

In the next shows, the Mexican will have special guests for his next concerts in Latin America, as he has done previously in his recent shows.

Among the artists that will appear in the shows are: Christian Nodal, Jorge Massias, Chico Elizalde and Luis Carlos Monroy.

The song 'Caballero' by Vicente Fernández is the favorite of Latin America and the United States

The theme that has caused a lot of hype lately on the artist's musical platforms is part of his record production 'Made in Mexico'.

The album was released in 2020 and was one of the most successful of the Ranchera-Mariachi genre, dominating the playlists mainly for its song 'Caballero'.

It came to lead the national radio digital charts in Mexico and the United States, ranking first for more than 15 months in a row. In addition, it reached the top 20 of Billboard and is currently about to break the record of 100 million views on YouTube.

Countries that Alejandro Fernández will visit on his tour

The famous rancher Alejandro Fernández has already announced his new itinerary and revealed the first date with which he will mark his return in 2022. In addition, he announced the following countries that he will visit after his next presentation in Bogotá.

The countries that the singer will visit soon will be: Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and finally Puerto Rico.