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Digital Theater: "Curtis in Tour" stars in its new installment

Luis Rafael
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This great Nina von Maltzahn world tour initiative of the Curtis Institute of Music will be accessible as part of the "Incomparable Shows" that premiere until November 25 at the Julio Mario Santo Domingo Advanced Theater Foundation.

The great Digital Theater program continues its November programming with “Curtis on Tour”, which will be the largest global Nina von Maltzahn world tour initiative of one of the most prestigious music institutes.

It will feature a show that will be accessible as one of the most relevant parts of "Incomparable Shows", in one of the most anticipated programs for the date of November 25.

Digital Theater: "Curtis in Tour" stars in its new installment
Digital Theater: "Curtis in Tour" stars in its new installment

Who will be part of "Curtis in Tour"?

This broadcast will include Bella Hristova on violin, Mimi Stillman on woodwind, Gabriel Cabezas on cello, Roberto Díaz on viola and Michelle Cann on piano. These talented artists Structure an ensemble of artists from the Curtis Institute of Music.

Pieces will be played during the "Curtis in Tour"

During their precious performance they will perform Mozart's Quartet in D significant K 285, Sonata No. 2 for woodwind, Assobio a jato by Heitor Villa-Lobos, piano by Samuel Zyman and Quartet No. 1 in G minor, Op. 25 by Johannes Brahms.

What is the "Curtis Institute of Music"?

The Curtis Institute of Music aims to teach and train young people of melodic ability from all over the world with the full intention of giving them the tools to change their networks through music.

Opened its doors to new musicians

It also focuses on providing quality musical guidance through a staff that incorporates a high degree of dynamic entertainers.

In addition, it builds the "learning by doing" mindset, in which students hone their skills in more than 200 creative presentations annually that highlight performance in front of an audience, but also the reach of the local area.

What will the Digital Theater programming be like?

The Digital Theater coordination is divided into four segments: Lo Nuestro, with introductions of the incredible references of Colombian music.

Great Shows, which features the extraordinary creations that have been presented at the Teatro Mayor.

It also includes Armonía Sura, which brings together the incredible shows of the main ancient music symphonies on the planet, and Ventana de América, made up of shows by the theater organization Ola Ópera Latinoamérica.

Likewise, the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo will continue with its missions of advanced substance of Teatropedia, a program of social obligation in organization with Sura that offers instructive substance through different pieces.