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In 24 hours of sales Kanye West has raised 2 million dollars

The singer's new album can only be heard on his new electronic device

Veronica Morao
2 min read
In 24 hours of sales Kanye West has raised 2 million dollars
Kanye West

Singer Kanye West often captures the attention of his followers with his posts on social media. This time, West shared the total number of sales generated by his latest tech release called Stem Player.

On February 18, the rapper had told his fans about this proposal, pointing out that the artists only get 12% of the money earned by the industry, so he decides to take control of the oppressive system.

A few days ago, he posted on his networks to demand that Billie Eilish apologize to Travis Scott and to report that his new music will only be on this device. His upcoming album DONDA 2 will be available on the device along with DONDA which was released last year.

Followers were shocked when he announced the huge amount of income he made from the sale of the Stem Player device, as he claimed to have made over $2.2 million in just one day.

On Saturday, the rapper and producer thanked the receptivity on his social networks first thing on Saturday, indicating that he won 2,227,012.05 in the last few hours.

This device has the characteristic that the user can remix the songs of the album just by using fragments of bass, voice, drums and many other things.