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Never before seen portrait of Princess Diana

The portrait will be part of the Royal Lens exhibition at Kensington Palace.

Veronica Morao
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Never before seen portrait of Princess Diana – Art and culture – WebMediums
Lady Di

Although the 1980s and 1990s may not seem that far away, they really are compared to what we live in today.

Taking photos was not as easy as it is today, due to how comfortable and fast it can be done thanks to digital cameras and cell phones. Because of this, only a small number of photographs exist of some people in history.

Princess Diana always enjoyed being photographed at the time, due to her fame and the love they had for her. Despite believing that he has seen all the photos of the princess, this is not really the case.

His public appearances and his unique looks have been documented in images that have been published and republished over the years, since his first appearance.

However, there are still some surprises for the princess, such as the unveiling at Kensington Palace of a never-before-seen portrait of Diana of Wales.

The organization in charge of managing the palaces and royal residences in Great Britain with a view to the public, called Historic Royal Palaces, notified that the never-before-seen image of Diana, Princess of Wales is from 1988 and will be exhibited in the Royal Les exhibition at the Kensington Palace, which will open its doors on March 4.

In the unveiled portrait you can see the image of Diana, with a One shoulder dress (one of her favorite styles), with hair a little longer than what she wore in her last years and long earrings in the form of drops. This photograph was taken by David Bailey.

Bailey is a popular British photographer, who was commissioned to take some shots, especially from pop culture.

Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Kate Moss, Mick Jagger, were some of the people who posed for Bailey. Also Andy Warhol, whose portrait became well known to the artist.

A few years ago, Queen Elizabeth II took the opportunity to pose for him.

Why hadn't this image come to light?

In 1988, this image was commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery and is part of an extensive sequence. This portrait had never been seen before because Bailey always kept it in his personal file.

Lady Di was the one who, curiously, chose Bailey for this pose, being the second member of the Royal Family to do a job with him. The first was fellow photographer Lord Snowdon in 1965, the husband of Princess Margaret.

This image will now form part of the Look Through a Royal Lens exhibition at Kensington Palace, where the family is explored, through photographs that collect certain iconic images taken at The Windsors.

In this exhibition you will find everything from images of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert from well over 2000 years ago, to family inns kept private.

The HRC also said that certain images taken by family members will be visible, recalling that Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess of Cambridge are lovers of photography and it is common to see them behind the camera.

This exhibition aims to show the intimate relationship that the Royals have created with the public, through the cameras.