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The 2022 Grammys have a new broadcast date

Luis Rafael
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The 2022 Grammys have a new broadcast date – Art and culture – WebMediums
The prestigious Grammy Awards already have an official broadcast date

The Grammys represent one of the most important music awards in the world, it is the most anticipated awards ceremony in the entire music industry.

On this occasion they will be celebrating the 64th awards gala, and those in charge have already mentioned that they have several surprises for this new 2022 edition.

However, the expansion of the new omicron variant in the United States has increased rapidly, which is why they decided to postpone the awards ceremony until the virus subsides.

Those in charge of the event mentioned that the official date on which the 2022 Grammys will be broadcast is scheduled for April 3, this information was provided from the Grammy Twitter account on January 18.

However, the change of date was not the only thing that the Grammy suffered, since, in this 64th edition of the gala, the venue will be changed due to the omicron variant.

The place where these awards will be presented will be at the MGM Grand Garden Arena located in Las Vegas, United States.

This will be the first time that the famous musical awards gala leaves its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, to make its first presentation in Las Vegas, in the state of Nevada.

The "MGM Grand Garden Arena" is the default place where the Latin Grammys are held, so the official director of the prestigious academy decided that this would be a great place to hold the awards.

Harvey Mason Jr gave a few words about the 2022 Grammys

After all the controversy that occurred due to the novelty of the Grammys, Harvey Mason Jr, executive director of the recording academy decided to make a statement, where he expressed the following:

“We're excited to bring the Grammys to Las Vegas for the first time and put on a world-class show there. The 64th edition of this ceremony will be unforgettable and will make a big difference from the rest. We will be complying with all biosecurity and protection measures.”

As a consequence of the extension of the 2022 Grammy Awards, the CMT Music Awards also had to be postponed, since they were scheduled for April 3 and were forced to change their official date.

They have not yet confirmed when their new broadcast date will be, however it will be reported in the coming weeks.