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The artist Anuel AA gave Yailin a wedding ring

Luis Rafael
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The artist Anuel AA gave Yailin a wedding ring – Art and culture – WebMediums
The artist Anuel AA gave Yailin a wedding ring

The Puerto Rican singer recently made his engagement to artist Yailin public, and shared all his love through social media.

After the long relationship that Anuel AA had with the Colombian Karol G, he chose to leave the past behind and decided that he was ready to marry his new partner.

It should be noted that the singer of 'Fallow' less than two months ago was still asking his ex-partner Karol G to give him another chance during his concerts, and he mentioned that he was going to change for her.

However, the Colombian never responded to his declarations of love and decided to ignore him completely and continue with her life.

Anuel AA covered the tattoo he had with the face of Karol G

The Puerto Rican decided to completely eliminate his ex-partner from his thoughts and from his body forever. Since, the tattoo that highlighted a photograph in which both appeared with sunglasses and making faces with their tongues was covered with the artist's skin.

The tattoo that was on her back was removed because Yailin didn't like it at all.

For the recreation of the new tattoo that will cover the back of Anuel AA there is not much information about it. However, the famous decided to talk about the progress of the tattoo and mentioned that it would have large wings and the rest will be a surprise.

Yailin hinted at Karol G on her social networks

After the great news that left many stunned, the couple began to make several publications and share videos. Yailin decided to send a strong message to her future husband's ex-girlfriend, since many people were comparing them and this made her explode.

He recently shared a message that some people think is just a thought without a recipient, however, it shows that it may be intended for Karol G because of the words he mentioned.

Yailin posted a photo on her social networks where she is seen very close to Anuel AA 's face and posted the following:

“When a man wants you in his life he puts you there, you don't have to compete with anyone for that space. HE himself is going to make you the owner of everything without your asking him,” Yailin commented in her publication.

The artist Anuel AA gave Yailin a wedding ring – Art and culture – WebMediums
Yailin hinted at Karol G on her social networks

The Puerto Rican singer decided it's time to get married

The rag man known as Anuel AA less than a month ago made public his courtship with Yailin 'The most viral' impacting all his fans and followers, since his breakup with Karol G was very recent. However, this week he decided to ask her to marry him and stated that their relationship was serious.

Through the Instagram account, he made a live where he shared his love and emotion with Yailin; while they showed all their followers that they were already engaged and showed the engagement jewel of the future wife.

The jewel he gave his partner is a relic from the Dominican Republic and was displayed throughout the video.

In addition, at the end of the live broadcast, Yailin made a post stating: 'THERE WILL BE A WEDDING, GENTLEMEN!' through her Instagram and Twitter accounts.