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The great tribute to Canserbero after completing 7 years since his death

Luis Rafael
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The great tribute to Canserbero after completing 7 years since his death
The great tribute to Canserbero after completing 7 years since his death

The Venezuelan rapper known worldwide by his stage name "Canserbero", was the most eminent and legendary artist of the Latin American hip hop culture.

His real name was "Tirone José González Orama" and on January 20 it was 7 years after the sad death of the famous, leaving a void in the hearts of all Venezuelans.

In this year 2022, his friends and loved ones who shared with him, decided to pay tribute to Canserbero remembering his memory, narrating the most important events that they lived with him and giving talks about his history.

DJ Afromak rind joins the tribute

One of the most significant people for Canserbero was DJ Afromak, the first producer who believed in the Venezuelan rapper and welcomed him in his first singles.

The Venezuelan producer decided to pay tribute to the late rapper and recounted the first journeys he had with him.

DJ Afromak, during an interview, recalled the time when Tirone González went to his recording house decided on the name he would choose: "Marico, I already know what I'm going to call myself, I'm going to call myself Canserbero, but with s ", according to This was what the producer told him Canserbero when he was barely 13 years old.

"I still remember the first time I saw him rap for the first time, I didn't know him, he went to my house with Blackamikase, and he told me: look, I have this guy who raps really hard, help him and make him the track. When I heard him rap, I noticed all the skill and I could feel his lyrics, I realized that he had something different, I had listened to many rappers, but nah, this is something else", recalled DJ Afromak.

His fans also paid tribute

January 20 has become an important date for the lives of Venezuelan artists and a large part of Latin America, since Tirone José González not only rapped, but with his compositions taught millions of people from all over the world.

For this reason, all his followers and fans from around the world posted photos and messages with his phrases.

The late rapper became a trend through the social networks of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, where the entire community of the artist remembered his memory and paid their precious tributes to the best-known Venezuelan rapper in the world.

How did Tirone González die?

The death of the famous rapper Canserbero was announced on January 20 by the national police, and reports indicated that he died after a fall from the tenth floor of a building in the city of Maracay, Venezuela. The case of his death was classified as “a suicide”.