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The group Il Divo announces its new tour and the replacement of Carlos Marín

Luis Rafael
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The group Il Divo announces its new tour and the replacement of Carlos Marín
The group Il Divo announces its new tour and the replacement of Carlos Marín

The famous musical group Il Divo surprised all his fans with the unexpected news of the replacement of Carlos Marín. In addition, they also took advantage of this great opportunity to announce a new tour that is scheduled for this year 2022.

Hundreds of fans of the classic group are very excited about this great news.

Since, Il Divo had not made new musical projects for several months, but now after the replacement of their former member they decided to make a new world tour, to promote their classical music.

It is worth mentioning that, The Spanish member Carlos Marín passed away on December 19, 2021 due to the coronavirus.

This news saddened thousands of people, including his colleagues who were quite sad on their social networks when they announced the tragic news of the death of the 53-year-old member in December.

Who is the new member of Il Divo?

Since the group announced that they were looking for candidates for a new member, many people were anxious and waiting for the date on which the new artist would be revealed.

On January 14, the American David Dave Miller, the Swiss Urs Bühler and the French Sébastien Izambard announced the name of their new colleague.

Through the group's official Twitter account, it announced that its new member is "Steven LaBrie", one of the best musical artists today.

It is important to mention that the group's Twitter followers were surprised by such news and did not stop commenting throughout the tweet.

Who is Steven LaBrie?

"Steven LaBrie" is a renowned singer-songwriter from Mexico, characterized by performing lyrical songs, if his vocal register is baritone.

In addition to his musical career, he is also an actor in the film industry and is also the director of vocal arts at the Juilliard Academy.

After the revelation of the new member of the band and the announcement of Il Divo's tour, the members stated that they are going to pay tribute in memory of Carlos Marín.

About the Il Divo tour

They decided to start this new year with their tour called "Greatest Hits Tours" will present the most precious hits from the beginning of their music.

In this tour they will include a special guest who will participate as a vocalist in some songs, to date they have not revealed who it will be.

In addition, the Mexican Steven LaBrie will be participating for the first time as an official member of the band.

How to buy “Greatest Hits Tours” tickets?

Tickets for the shows of the “Greatest Hits Tours” tour are not yet available for sale to the public, in the coming weeks the pre-sale will be made through the band's official website, and they will be valid for all the shows of the tour. 2022.