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The Libertines will perform in Colombia for the Estéreo Picnic Festival

Luis Rafael
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The Libertines will perform in Colombia for the Estéreo Picnic Festival
The Libertines

One of the musical groups that has created various world anthems stated that a presentation will soon be made in Colombian lands. This is great news for all rock lovers in Colombia, since it will be the first time that the British band performs in the Latin American nation.

The Estéreo Picnic Festival is one of the most recognized musical events in Colombia, in 3 consecutive days the most relevant artists of the moment are presented while thousands of people are dancing and enjoying the best music.

This year the 11th edition of the Estéreo Picnic festival will be presented, and the whole country is talking about it.

What will be the rock artists that will stand out at the Festival Estéreo Picnic 2022?

To start the year, the creators of this amazing festival decided to reveal the three surprise artists that will be in the eleventh edition of this wonderful event.

Among the main artists they mentioned the participation of The Libertines, Foo Fighters and Doherty.

The three groups will be performing at one of the most important rock events in the world.

The start date of this world show is scheduled for March 25, 2022, it will be the opening of the Picnic Stereo Festival after a long wait after its cancellation in previous years due to the global pandemic.

The Libertines will perform in Colombia for the Estéreo Picnic Festival
The Libertines will perform in Colombia for the Estéreo Picnic Festival

"The Libertines" expresses its gratitude

The Libertines are one of the most listened to rock groups in all of Latin America. A couple of decades ago they became a trend thanks to their glorious songs: “Music When The Lights Go Out”, “Can't Stand Me Now” and “Don't Look Back Into The Sun”.

However, despite all the years that the group has been in the music industry, they have never made a presentation in Colombia and this time they decided to start the year while celebrating with their fans from Latin America during the wonderful festival.

The members of the group are really excited and showed their energy in one of their stories on their Instagram account:

"All of us are excited to set foot on Colombian soil for the first time, we are quite anxious, since, since this pandemic began, we have not made many business trips, but this year will be different." "Also, we wanted to mention that we are very grateful for all your support and on March 25 we will be performing our most emblematic songs, and we will present a big surprise for all of you."

This is how The Libertines ended their statement on their official Instagram account.

Recognized artists who confirmed their participation in the festival

Rock will not be the only genre that will predominate in the 3-day show, since several pop and urban artists have already confirmed that they will perform during the festival that will start on March 25.

Among the artists who made their participation in the Estéreo Picnic Festival official are: C. Tangana, J Balvin, Doja Cat, The Strokes, Martin Garrix, Jungle, Machine Gun Kelly, among others.

Tickets for the famous Colombian event will be available through the “Entradas Amarillas” website in the coming weeks.