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Wisin & Yandel will end their artistic career with the tour 'The Last Mission Tour'

Luis Rafael
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Wisin & Yandel will end their artistic career with the tour 'The Last Mission Tour'
Wisin y Yandel will end their artistic career with the tour 'The Last Mission Tour'.

The artists known as 'The duo of history' of the urban genre have stood out for 2 decades, presenting worldwide hits such as: 'Something I like about you', 'You are tempting me' and 'Abusadora'.

Wisin y Yandel recently announced a new tour where they will perform the best songs of their career.

The next tour will mark one of the most emblematic projects of 'The duo in history', they will have presentations where they will promote all the songs from their recent album 'The last mission'.

The tour has already obtained the title of ' The Last Mission Tour ' with which they will mark the end of their artistic career.

This news has taken the followers of Wisin y Yandel by surprise, who have spoken out on social networks posting about the artists' new projects.

However, they are saddened by the news of their sudden official retirement from music that will take place in 2022.

Wisin and Yandel will present their new album 'La Última Misión'

Last Monday, March 14, Wisin y Yandel announced through a statement that they are working on a new album (La Última Misión Tour), which will be published between April and May. It should be noted that this will be the last official EP to be released and will be performed in concert before the public.

The Puerto Rican artists affirmed that their retirement will be from the music industry, that is, they will no longer release official songs or public concerts after the premiere of their new tour ' The Last Mission Tour '. However, eventually, both of them will post songs and promote them via Instagram.

About the next Wisin y Yandel Tour

The artists Wisin and Yandel decide to start working this year with the presentation of a new EP which they will promote on the tour ' La Última Misión Tour '. This has been one of the most ambitious projects of both reggaeton artists since it will mark the final era of 'El duo de la historia' and it will be their most extensive tour.

In addition, the tour will have various presentations where they will perform songs from each of their albums, including the 15 songs that will make up the new record production which will be released in the coming months. This will be the first tour in which Wisin y Yandel will perform more than 20 themes per show.

Reggaeton player Wisin was interviewed in Miami through a virtual press conference, where he offered details that will be present in his new project. Where he talked about the reasons for his second separation with Yandel:

"It will be a tour to remember how tasty reggaeton is, it is more to thank millions of people for our almost 20-year career. We are honored and sad at the same time. We want to close this cycle as it should be." Wisin was sentenced during his interview.

Premiere date of 'The Last Mission Tour'

Wisin & Yandel will perform the show that will mark the debut of their tour on September 20, 2022. The first date will take place at the 'FTX Arena in Miami', Florida (United States).