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Best haircuts for women over 50

Saharay Perez Bautista
7 min read
Best haircuts for women over 50 – Beauty – WebMediums
Best haircuts for women over 50

When they reach 50, many women prefer to change their look to avoid a sloppy style and rather, enhance their beauty to the point of being able to enjoy life to the fullest. However, they don't know how to proceed because they don't have references that they actually like.

But, between all haircuts, hairstyles and styles, the most classic thing is to opt for a classic and timeless look that suits your face. In this way, they can acquire the most precise modern touches to look sophisticated, fresh and attractive, instead of outdated and even ridiculous.

That is why, in this post, we want to publicize what are the haircuts for women over 50 that are in trend and will be a perfect option to change your look, improve your appearance and even take a few years off your life.

The best cuts for long hair

If you like more to have your long hair, these are the cuts that you can take into account to change your look:

1) Long hair with bangs

Best haircuts for women over 50 – Beauty – WebMediums
Long hair with bangs

The bangs are a perfect alternative that allows you to modernize your style, without having to make an extreme change. So they are a great way to update any ladies' hairstyle and keep long hair from looking bland.

Another advantage that this type of cut offers is that it helps to hide the lines of the face with which you can surely feel self-conscious when displaying your gaze. Since, both the side and front styles of the bangs in your hairstyle, they are effective in highlighting the beauty of your eyes.

2) Long hair with curls

Best haircuts for women over 50 – Beauty – WebMediums
Long hair with curls

If you want your long hair to look more youthful or youthful, a few curls will help spice up your hair. Even, this type of hairstyle provides a much more glamorous and luxurious feeling that, by nature, increases the elegance in your look.

It should also be noted that the curls in long hair provide more volume and greater movement. Likewise, they are versatile to combine with any style, they provide a brighter appearance to the face and in short, they are practical for women of 50 years or more.

3) Straight hair and facial framing

Best haircuts for women over 50 – Beauty – WebMediums
Straight hair and facial framing

If you have straight hair and want to keep it long, straight hair with face framing is a great option for you. The secret of this option to look beautiful, is to keep your hair long, straight and healthy, as well as adding layers that frame the face and highlight your facial features.

Inherently straight hair looks very stylish and edgy. Apart from that, it is also versatile and one of the biggest benefits is that it brings a slimming effect to women. So if you want to hide your extra pounds, you can opt for this alternative to change the look of your hair.

The best cuts for short hair

After 50 years, short hair is one of the best options for many women. Since, in addition to being flexible and guaranteeing comfort, it also looks fresh, elegant and requires minimal maintenance. Therefore, if you want to cut your hair in this way, some safe ideas to look good are :

1) Elegant and classic bob hair

Best haircuts for women over 50 – Beauty – WebMediums
Elegant and classic bob hair

A sleek bob is a classic for older women. Since, it provides a timeless style and this means that it always looks avant-garde. Among the benefits of this hairstyle, we find that it works as an instant face lift and thus, you can look younger.

Added to this, it is elegant, flattering and versatile because it adapts to any style. In case you have fine and thin hair, this haircut will help you look thicker or with more volume. Especially if you opt for soft locks that end at to stifle.

2) Choppy pixie hair

Best haircuts for women over 50 – Beauty – WebMediums
Choppy pixie hair

This style is flirty and fun at the same time for those women of 50 years or more who want to cut their hair and change their look to enjoy life more and appear much fresher. In addition, we must not forget that it is an extremely sophisticated and distinguished cut.

For its part, the light fringes of the hairstyle help to achieve a look with great feminine appeal. Even with its messy style being choppy, it provides a spectacular youthful feel that looks good on any lady.

The best cuts for medium hair

On the other hand, if you are one of the women who do not want to cut their hair to the extreme or wear a long mane, you have to go for a medium haircut. This is the perfect option to get the most out of your features and avoid very drastic changes in your look. Here are the trendiest ideas to show off great medium hair :

1) Hair lob

Best haircuts for women over 50 – Beauty – WebMediums
Hair lob

It refers to a lob hairstyle that basically consists of an elegant haircut that gives an avant-garde touch to any look, regardless of its variations. Taking into account that, its asymmetric characteristic is practical to fix the hair without having to do many processes.

For its part, it consists of a perfect combination between a bobo cut and a traditional medium-length hairstyle. Thus, it achieves an extremely modern effect that frames the lady's face and accentuates the volume of her hair to make her look much more attractive and sensual.

2) Medium length hair with bangs

Best haircuts for women over 50 – Beauty – WebMediums
Medium length hair with bangs

This is a layered cut for ladies who are distinguished by being risky and cheerful. Basically, the distinguishing factor of this hairstyle lies in its bangs that are timeless and thanks to that, it will not go out of style for years to come.

Thanks to its casual effect, it tends to subtract a few years of life and bring more freshness to a woman's face. Therefore, it also highlights the best attributes of your face and is ideal to wear with fashionable sport clothes.

3) Hair with medium layer cut

Best haircuts for women over 50 – Beauty – WebMediums
Medium Layered Haircut

If you want to bring your hair back to life and add more volume, it's best to add layers to your cut. This being one of the best alternatives for women in their 50s who want to look younger and lighter.

Despite its youthful and cheerful effect, this type of cut does not detract from the femininity of the ladies. It is also necessary to distinguish that, it offers a more polished touch to your look, manages to elevate your face and gives density to your features. Especially if the tips blend perfectly to get a smooth finish.

But what is the haircut that helps you look younger?

If, in short, what you want is for your hair to allow you to look more youthful regardless of your age; You have to take into account the following when changing the look of your hair :

  • For an anti-aging effect : Choose the shorter styles, whether they are medium length and with soft locks. This makes it easier to add volume and look fresh at the same time.

  • To have a hair more full of life : In this case, we recommend adding textures to your mane. Either with waves and layers, or through textured pixie cuts.

  • To hide the fine lines of the face : The best option to look young and hide the lines marked on your face, without a doubt, is the bangs. Which makes your face look smaller and younger.

With all these recommendations, we are sure that you will be able to achieve a sophisticated, attractive and modern look in your 50s. Which will be an element of great importance to look more youthful and wanting to enjoy life every second.