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The best Fall-Winter 2021 manicure ideas

Saharay Perez Bautista
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The best Fall-Winter 2021 manicure ideas – Beauty – WebMediums
Manicure ideas 2021-2022

Nowadays, it is possible to see multiple nail design ideas through social media like Instagram. But, when it comes to choosing one of them, it can be difficult for many girls who do not have references about what is in fashion at the moment.

That is why, so that you can complement your Fall-Winter 2021 outfits with your manicure and look perfect from head to toe, it is worth knowing what the trends in nail polish and designs are in order to make a wise choice based on your preferences.

That way, you will surely look prettier.

Why is it important to show off a nice manicure?

The best Fall-Winter 2021 manicure ideas – Beauty – WebMediums
The benefits of keeping your nails neat

Beyond being something aesthetic, keeping your nails in good condition is a relevant factor in preventing discomfort, diseases and even infections. Since, nails tend to suffer from environmental pollution, inclement weather and the daily attacks they receive.

Indeed, proper nail grooming will help you enjoy greater health. But, apart from this, wearing a nice manicure also guarantees optimal benefits for women that are summarized in:

  • Provides Much More Security : By nature, an attractive manicure will make you feel more beautiful and more confident. Like, inspire this to the people who detail you.

  • Enhance the beauty of your look : As well as accessories, nails can be one of your best accessories to look good. Indeed, you can combine them with your outfits as long as you achieve a design consistent with each other.

  • Nourish the skin of your hands : Generally, manicure professionals apply treatment to exfoliate the skin of the hands and as a result, they are able to eliminate toxins and dead cells. Thanks to this, your skin will look more silky and radiant in that area.

  • Increases femininity : Another benefit of displaying a beautiful manicure is that it brings a more subtle and feminine touch to women. For anyone, the difference between some fixed nails and others without fixing is remarkable.

  • Hide small anomalies : As if that were not enough, manicures also tend to hide or hide the small anomalies that may exist in your nails. Even if it is practiced professionally, it is capable of correcting certain malformations.

  • It works as an anti-stress therapy : Going to a place to get a manicure is classified as an anti-stress therapy. Whether it is for the hand massage, the scrub ritual, the conversation with the person who provides the service and well, for all this pleasant process that involves the moment to fix your nails.

  • Produces happiness and joy : Because it raises your self-esteem and helps you reduce your stress, doing your nails also produces a pinch of happiness. Well, if they are as impeccable as you expected, this will automatically have a positive impact, and it will be necessary to feel more cheerful and optimistic.

Meet the manicure models that are trending in Autumn-Winter 2021

Now, it is time to find out which are each one of the manicures that are in fashion to look great these last months of the year and start 2022 more beautiful than ever:

Freehand with natural base

The best Fall-Winter 2021 manicure ideas – Beauty – WebMediums
Manicure with natural base 2021

It is a model that is based on a base color similar to that of your natural nail and on it, any freehand detail is applied that achieves a subtle and sophisticated effect.

For example, you can decide to play with small dots, draw nice shapes or show thin lines that offer a nice result. Whatever your choice, if you choose this alternative, your hands will look extremely delicate.

Metallic and / or shiny

The best Fall-Winter 2021 manicure ideas – Beauty – WebMediums
Cute metallic manicure for women

It is no secret to anyone that the fashion industry is starring in metallic tones in the Autumn-Winter 2021 season. So, in the case of nails, the metal point is once again setting a trend.

Therefore, in this cold season, you can choose to wear a manicure where metallic colors or shine reign, in order to express the festive atmosphere that characterize these last months of the year and give an original touch to your looks. Put aside the belief that metallic tones are only for night looks, because they look good at any time of the day.

More minimalist than ever

The best Fall-Winter 2021 manicure ideas – Beauty – WebMediums
Minimalist nails of Ukrainian origin

Basically, it consists of wearing clean and short nails with some skipped detail where geometry is used to give a minimalist effect. Which is an appropriate style for the most elegant, discreet and simple women.

This type of manicure is distinguished by respecting the natural shape of each client's nail and using transparent bases with small details. It should be noted that it is a trend that was born in Ukraine and has spread to all parts of the world.

With pretty crystals

The best Fall-Winter 2021 manicure ideas – Beauty – WebMediums
Crystals for manicure

Another trend that you can choose for this season are nails with crystals or simple jewelry. To make them more sophisticated, it is recommended to apply these details only on some nails (not all fingers).

In general, it is identified as a nail model with great distinction that helps to enhance the beauty of any look, especially if it is for a party or evening meeting. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to use rings or this type of accessories with such a manicure, as it would detract from its elegance.

With geometric shapes

The best Fall-Winter 2021 manicure ideas – Beauty – WebMediums
The geometric manicure

If you prefer a more daring and unusual option for your nails, this model will surely catch your eye. Which is based on playing with the geometry of the nails and at the same time, with the geometric shapes that can be seen well in them.

On the other hand, in order to give it a more sophisticated and exclusive touch, it is appropriate to use solid colors and even incorporate some nudes that increase the delicacy of the design. However, you can choose the colors according to your own tastes to feel beautiful.

The inverted French

The best Fall-Winter 2021 manicure ideas – Beauty – WebMediums
Inverted French Nails

Since time immemorial, French style nails have been one of the most common and prettiest options for women. But, in this fall and winter season, they have transformed into an inverted French.

The objective of this transformation is to bring back the elegant office nails, but with a more versatile and original touch. Especially if you use light base shades for added subtlety.


The best Fall-Winter 2021 manicure ideas – Beauty – WebMediums
CareyNails 2021

Another trend that is positioned as one of the most promising for the Autumn-Winter 2021 season, lies in the nail art designs inspired by torture and tortoiseshell.

To wear it, there are two options that you can choose depending on your preferences: As part of a French manicure (that is, only in the upper area) and on the entire surface of the nail. In the case of the first, it is the simplest and most delicate alternative, while the other is characterized by its solidity and originality.

French decorated and fun

The best Fall-Winter 2021 manicure ideas – Beauty – WebMediums
French red heart nails with pink base

It is a very jovial and cute alternative at the same time that, especially, it is recommended to wear it in autumn 2021. It is, it is based on the idea of French nails with a clear distinctive: A unique shape.

This means that instead of using the horizontal top line in white, you are going for something more romantic and fun. Like, for example, a heart on each nail. Likewise, it is recommended to play with the tones to dispense with the classics and that these are much more cheerful.

The trendy enamel colors in Fall-Winter 2021

If you are one of those girls who, instead of resorting to the most artistic ideas, prefers to fix their nails with a solid color and a more natural style ; It is essential that you know which nail polish colors are trending this season. With this, you can make a more accurate selection and look very avant-garde with your unicolor nails:


The best Fall-Winter 2021 manicure ideas – Beauty – WebMediums
Beige manicure 2021

It is a color that is close to white or the tone of "milky nails", but it is much more sophisticated and is even characterized by its timeless power that allows it to be worn safely throughout the year.


The best Fall-Winter 2021 manicure ideas – Beauty – WebMediums
Trendy Brown Enamel

The range of browns in the one-color manicure is also a very interesting solution for ladies. In addition to highlighting tanned skin color, it is also an accessory with great distinction to enhance looks that contain leather boots, trench coats and sweaters. Be it chocolate brown, coffee or mahogany, for example.

Dark green

The best Fall-Winter 2021 manicure ideas – Beauty – WebMediums
Manicure in bottle-green color

Due to its prominence in spring and summer, this nail tone will remain fashionable and in effect, it is in trend during autumn 2021. It consists of a bottle-green color that is versatile and can be easily combined with different styles, achieving a result Elegant.

Pastel yellow

The best Fall-Winter 2021 manicure ideas – Beauty – WebMediums
Pastel yellow for nails

It refers to an alternative that is committed to using bright colors on the characteristic gray days of autumn and winter. Thus, it is a butter yellow tone that is easy to combine with neutral tones (camel, gray and black). With it, your hands will look much more delicate.


The best Fall-Winter 2021 manicure ideas – Beauty – WebMediums
Purple nail color

This color is ideal for autumn that, commonly, bets on romantic colors. Basically, it's a shade that's halfway between pale pink and lilac. So, if you are a lover of classic manicures, we recommend wearing this color on your nails.

Red brick

The best Fall-Winter 2021 manicure ideas – Beauty – WebMediums
Brick-red nails

Although red nail polish is timeless and a classic for mono-color manicures, the truth is that not all reds are the same. Therefore, it is appropriate to use the ideal reddish tone for each season, since different proposals usually arise throughout the year. In this case, brick red is recommended to end 2021.

From these references, you have many options to display spectacular nails and try between different designs each time you want to change your manicure.

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